Rocking Lives for Eternity

By   •   August 21, 2011

For Jennifer, it was Lacey Sturm’s emotional description of how Jesus saved her from the depths of suicidal despair.

For Marcus, it was Brian “Head” Welch’s revelation via video that Christ helped him overcome struggles with drugs and pornography.

For Casey, it was Franklin Graham’s straightforward Gospel presentation—and how he expressed sadness over the senseless death of Amy Winehouse.

The three young people came to Rock the Lakes this evening mainly for the music and to hang with friends. Each said they never expected to walk forward at the invitation, but God moved in their hearts in unique ways.

They were joined by hundreds of people of all ages who felt the Holy Spirit prompt them to accept Christ as their Savior or rededicate themselves to Him.

While the crowd of 15,000 rocked out to music from The Almost, The Afters, Lecrae and Skillet, it was the quieter moments that packed an eternal impact. Flyleaf’s Lacey Sturm, who sang several songs, touched many with her heartfelt testimony. John Cooper of Skillet, Aaron Gillespie of The Almost, Josh Havens of The Afters, and Lecrae each shared how God has moved in their own lives.

They emphasized the power of the Gospel, a point driven home three times by Franklin Graham. At first joking about his love for Harleys and his visit to the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Graham turned deadly serious when talking about the need for salvation.

He illustrated this message using the story of the prodigal son from Luke 15, and with references to his own life and the lives of the musicians.

“God loves you. He sent His own Son from heaven on a rescue mission,” Graham told the crowd. “Only Jesus Christ can save you.”

At Rock the Lakes tonight in Milwaukee, the message was heard and lives changed.

We’ll bring you more details and photos from Saturday night, and complete coverage of Sunday’s event. Please stop back, and check out the webcast! Log on to from 5 to 8:30 p.m. (ET), 4 to 7:30 p.m. in Milwaukee, for music from Canton Jones, Charlie Daniels and Michael W. Smith, and preaching from Franklin Graham.

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