Rock the River Tour West in Review

By   •   September 2, 2010

The number of attendees of the combined events totaled more than 26,000, and nearly 1388 of those people made commitments for Christ. In addition, thousands watched the live stream on Ransom.TV.

In each city, Franklin Graham was armed and ready with the power of the Gospel to fight for the souls of Canada’s youth. “When I preach,” said Graham, “I preach the Gospel. Paul said, ‘I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.’ The Gospel is God’s power. When you preach the Gospel, God uses that to pierce the hearts of those He is calling.”

The purpose of the Rock the River Tour is to reach kids who would never go to church–”kids who have no home life and no hope whatsoever,” Graham explains. This is about reaching out to a generation that doesn’t know God.

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Fraser Valley: August 7

Excitement Fills the Air in Fraser Valley
Youth in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia weren’t just excited about Rock the River. They couldn’t wait to see what God would do after the event. On of the eve of Rock the River in Fraser Valley, Geoff Stewart said he is “excited about what God is going to do tomorrow, but I am most excited about the legacy, about what this event will leave behind. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with it.”
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Thousands Brave Rain for Reign of Grace
Close to 8,000 people came out in spite of steady rain to hear amazing music and a life-saving message from Franklin Graham. 466 young people either accepted Christ or recommitted their lives to Him that day.
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‘If It’s Part of His Plan, Then Let It Rain!’
On Aug. 7, close to 8,000 people braved steady rain for an all-day concert featuring popular bands Starfield, Downhere, The Almost and Skillet, and rapper Tedashii. At strategic intervals between music sets, Franklin Graham shared the Good News of Jesus Christ in simple, direct messages that impacted hundreds. By the end of the day, 466 people either accepted Christ for the first time, or rededicated their lives to Him.
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Calgary: August 21

Why Calgary Needs Rock the River
The largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, Calgary is highly regarded for its natural beauty, vibrant city center and wealth of winter sporting opportunities. Situated on the banks of the Bow River and ringed by the Rocky Mountains, the city is home to world class theatrical productions, ballet, opera and outdoor stage events.
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Calgary Youth Pastors Pray for Kingdom Explosion
Youth pastors from throughout Calgary voice their excitement and anticipation about what God will do in the lives of young people, who they say are searching for love, meaning and significance, but these can only be found in Jesus Christ. “Many of the students who will be coming might not know Jesus, but they know who Skillet and Flyleaf are, and they’ve heard Hawk Nelson on the radio,” said Grant Weber, community impact pastor at First Alliance Church.
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Calgary Rocked!
More than 10,000 young people jammed into Canada Olympic Park in Calgary for Rock the River West. Praise God for the hundreds who accepted Jesus as their Savior after hearing Franklin Graham preach. Find photos and videos on the left side of this page.
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Victory in Canada Olympic Park
Health warnings issued because of a hazy pall of acrid smoke drifting over Calgary and much of the Province of Alberta could not keep 10,100 teenagers and young adults from converging on one of Canada’s most cherished outdoor parks on August 21 to listen to high-energy music and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Edmonton: August 28

Edmonton Churches Unite for the Gospel
Known as Canada’s “Festival City,” Edmonton plays host to a year-round slate of world-class festivals, many of them related to food, art and culture. On August 28, a new kind of festival came to town. Christian artists and groups Flyleaf, Tedashii, Skillet, downhere, Hawk Nelson and Starfield took the stage at Telus Field in this capital city of the Canadian province Alberta. This was the third and final stop of the Rock the River Tour West.
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Jesus Reigns in Edmonton and Online
When a rainbow appeared over Telus Field this afternoon, Franklin Graham noted that rainbows are a sign of a new beginning. “You can have a new beginning today,” he continued. “You can be set free from drug addiction, alcohol addiction and sex addiction. God wants to rain down his blessing on you. You don’t have the power to change your life. Only Jesus Christ can change your life.”
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Our Work Continues

Rock the River Tour West is over, but the work of the Gospel is not. Click here to help us continue to reach the next generation with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

The Artists of Rock the River Tour West

Starfield: Reaching ‘The Hurting Generation’
“When we talk about My Generation,” says Tim Neufeld, “it’s the generation of those that are hurting–less of a demographic thing and more of a spiritual thing.” The lead singer, guitarist and co-founder of Starfield isn’t referring to the classic Who anthem. Neufeld instead is talking about a track on his band’s Beauty in the Broken CD. And, in a sense, he is referring to the audience that will be attending three different Rock the River events across Canada this summer.
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Spreading the Gospel Message ‘downhere’
Radio program producer Phil Fleischman had a chance to catch up with Glen Lavender, bass guitarist for downhere, one of the featured bands of the Rock the River Tour West. Lavender talks about his home country of Canada, his band’s music, and the message he wants to get across to Canada’s youth. “I have a great respect for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, along with Franklin Graham and the whole team,” said Lavender. “They have a really strong history in my home country of Canada.
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Rock the River’s Lecrae on His Calling
Growing up on the south side of Houston, Lecrae Moore was raised by a single mother and heavily influenced by relatives who were gang members. “I was brought up in hip hop culture, and I idolized my uncles, who were involved in gangs. I even wanted every tattoo those uncles had. I just sat on their laps and soaked it all in.”
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  1. Alana Jo says:

    I agree. Most people call my region the Bible Belt, but I don't see it. There are so many people I know who either don't know God or they don't want to know Him (and I'm sitting there thinking they're crazy). I don't know how to begin to tell them all that God has done.On top of that, I think we all need a revival more than once a year. Please come to “Dixie”!

  2. gill bowman says:

    Do you know of a Spanish verion of this for Mexico? It has 96 of uneffected believers and 60 of their population is under 30, desperately seeking direction. The time is right please send or pray for someone else to go!!!!! MAKE A DIFFERENCE to these poor people who are ignored because the country says its Catholic.

  3. Alyssa says:

    It would be so cool if the rock the river concert came to Oklahoma.

  4. kathryn says:

    Please bring it to Georgia!!! i think its an awesome thing to be doing and i would love to help out.

  5. Susie says:

    Wow, what a testament of faith in Jesus Christ. What would be the possibility of doing this in the United States..Rock the Mississippi River, the Ohio River, Savannah River, The Red River, etc. We are losing the next gerneration of Christians and need your leadership and guidance. We must bring the parents back to church. They would be amazed at what God has planned for them and their children. May God Bless everyone that assists in these programs.

  6. Tatyana says:

    It would truely be a blessing and a sight to see you guys come out and change the lives of many discouraged youth on the East Coast, especially Virginia where I live in the States. Just watching that short clip of the “Rock the River” Concert lifted my heart and gave me hope for the youth around the world.

  7. Sherry says:

    On behalf of all the single working mothers raising boys without a dad in thier liife……….Thank God for all in involved in this!!!!! Now please come to New Jersey for my son…..:)

  8. Crystal p. says:

    PLLLEEEEASE!!!! Come close to Alabama!!! With Rock The River.. We Need it bad!!

  9. Bill says:

    These events have been so successful. I wonder could this same thing be done on the Red River. It passes through what we here call the four state area . That is Texas, Oklahoma,Arkansas and Louisiana. This would have much potential.