RESET Movement Calls Next Generation to Go ‘All In’ for Jesus

By   •   October 22, 2013

Nick Hall

Hitting the “reset” button, on a phone, clock or computer clears out the old information and gives the device a fresh start.

Hitting the “reset” button on life isn’t quite as easy. But Nick Hall believes it can be done.

“Reset means to get the system working towards its intended or created purpose,” said Hall, a young evangelist who is taking the Jesus-centered RESET Movement around the United States. “We’re saying, ‘God, we want to see a supernatural reset take place.'”

Since mid-September, the RESET Movement has spread from Seattle to New York City, as Hall and a group of passionate Christ followers crisscross the country, empowering a generation to “live fully for Jesus.”

Collaborating with music artists such as Rend Collective, Lacey Sturm, and Propaganda, Hall plans to reach 2.5 million people in 200 cities by the fall of 2015. The first leg of the movement has already taken place in almost 20 cities, with half a dozen more events scheduled before Nov. 3.

“We’re just bringing this single message, that God is offering a reset to this generation,” Hall said. “He’s offering a reset for this country right now. Whether people have been on the fence or whether they’ve been living the life they want to live.

“Even for churches, we’ve maybe made it about secondary issues. We’ve become defined by things we’re against as opposed to things we’re for. There’s a reset button for that too.”

Hall is intentionally crossing ministry and denominational lines, calling on Christ followers to come together to reach the next generation.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is one of several ministries partnering with RESET, which Hall says resembles the early days of Youth for Christ—a ministry that was born in the 1940s, with Billy Graham as its first full-time evangelist.

“At the beginning of Billy Graham’s ministry, he would go across the country and he was calling youth for Christ,” Hall said. “We were like, ‘What would it look like for a modern day movement to unfold today—a generation-defining moment in our day, with young people going ‘all in’ for God?’ That birthed the concept and the dream and the vision for RESET.”

As Hall travels from city to city, he preaches a Bible-based message that calls teens and twenty-somethings to fully dedicate their lives to Christ and build their faith through prayer, Bible study, loving others and sharing the Gospel.

RESET shares some common traits with the BGEA’s My Hope with Billy Graham movement, which culminates Nov. 7-10 in the United States and Canada. The two ministries are supporting each other in their common goal to reach the lost with the hope of Christ.

“There’s going be a lot of commonalities, because the DNA of our ministry has directly been shaped by the Billy Graham team,” Hall said.

Like RESET, My Hope is a nationwide outreach that calls believers to share the Gospel with unreached friends and neighbors. But unlike RESET, My Hope is aimed at people of all ages and is centered around several powerful videos that will play on national TV as well as streaming online and DVD.

While the RESET Movement is just beginning—with a goal of holding the largest gathering of youth in the history of the nation in the fall of 2015—My Hope will culminate in just a few weeks, as Billy Graham delivers a new message to the nation. Christians are in the process of inviting friends and family over to their homes to watch the message, which is woven together with real-life stories of people who discovered Jesus and invited Him to change their lives.

Hall says both ministries share the same heart and the same goal.

“And we’re asking God to do something bigger than any of us can do on our own,” he said.

Since September, hundreds of young people have made decisions to accept Christ through the RESET Movement, and thousands more have been encouraged to get off the sidelines and go “all in” for Jesus.

“When you hit the reset button on your iPhone, it’s supposed to correct the errors you’ve made and get it working the way Apple intended it to function,” Hall said.

As he prepares to take the RESET message to even more cities, he’s praying the next generation will experience the supernatural reset that only Jesus can offer—forgiven sins, a fresh start and a chance to live close to God, the way He always intended.

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