Rebuilding Lives

By   •   March 22, 2010

Shane Kyles wants to see revival throughout the Auburn area. One way he is working toward this revival is sharing the love of Jesus through practical ways, like home repairs for the disabled or those who cannot afford it.

He does this on a regular basis through a local ministry called The Way, and now he is doing it to help spiritually prepare his region for the East Alabama West Georgia Will Graham Celebration (March 26-28) as the Community Action Project Coordinator.

“In all of the Celebration preparation meetings, you can tell the people are ready to serve and ready to experience revival. There is a lot of excitement in the community, as 30 churches are serving together as a body of Christ. You just don’t see that very often. Everyone is ready to see God move,” said Kyles.

“I just keep thinking of the Nehemiah Story. Nehemiah had a burden to rebuild after destruction. Like Nehemiah, I want to help rebuild our city with the power of the Gospel – one life at a time.”

For March 13, he organized a series of Community Action Projects for the Auburn area, much like the ones that took place on March 6. The acts of service ranged from families with small children passing out cookies, to groups of people roofing homes and rebuilding decks.

He told the story of one man, a new Christian, who had been recently released from prison. While he was in prison, he had some friends living in his home. When he was released, he came to his house to find it in shambles. Fortunately, a group of men volunteering for a Community Action Project were able to make many of the repairs.

Kyles said that activities like these are tendering hearts toward the Gospel. “When someone is in need and they see someone coming to help, I want him/her to know that we’re not here for any other reason than to meet a need and build a relationship with them. I don’t view these people as ‘charity cases,’ I see them as my friends. When they are burdened, I’m burdened. That’s how Jesus ministered to people – He was relational.”

He told of another one of the projects that involved repairing a portion of the floor at one man’s house. “There were some guys standing out in the rain with a saw. I went by and told them to go home, that they could continue it another time,” remembered Kyles.

“They told me they were not leaving until the job was complete. Examples like that – people giving it their all, despite less than ideal conditions – is one way people in this area can really know it is Christ working through us.”

Kyles believes the most important work is ahead of them – building those relationships that began as a service project.

“Even after the Will Graham Celebration has packed everything up and left town, we’ll still be here, continuing the work.”

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