Rebecca St. James Sings of New Blessings

By   •   July 26, 2011

2011 has been a big year for Rebecca St. James.

In April, she became a wife. As a public champion for purity and waiting for God’s best in a mate, this event is particularly poignant in her message and her story. She married Jacob Fink, a man who shares her heart for God, and who embodies the principles she sings about in her trademark song, Wait For Me.

Now on the other side of waiting for God’s best, an upcoming September book release—What Is He Thinking?—will be intended as a “handbook” for Christian dating geared for both men and women.

A few weeks before her wedding, she released her latest worship project, I Will Praise You. With all the exciting changes going on in her life—seeing dreams come to fruition—it is no wonder that she would have a fresh perspective on worship.

“This album is very vertical in nature; the lyrics directly address God in worship and are centered toward glorifying Him,” she explained. “It’s also a very topical album. One of the songs is titled You Make Everything Beautiful. It is about God redeeming us from our pain. He always makes something beautiful out of our lives. All things work together for those who love Him.”

A History With BGEA

Much of St. James’ ministry has been spent serving alongside BGEA, but her connection with Billy Graham began before she was even born. Her mother, then a teenager, gave her life to Christ at a Crusade in their native Australia.

“That is an absolutely profound part of my story, since I grew up in a strong Christian family. Obviously, Billy Graham played a huge role in that,” she explained.

Billy Graham has had an impact on her directly as well as indirectly.

“I would hear stories about his conduct, such as how he would not travel in cars alone with a member of the opposite sex. Now (especially as a married woman), that is a boundary of mine,” said St. James. “Billy Graham has greatly affected my standards for integrity and has been a huge part of my spiritual walk and ministry.”

Over the past few years, she has partnered with BGEA through Festival appearances, Decision Magazine features, training curriculum and television specials. On August 11, she will take her involvement to a new level when she leads a night of worship at The Cove.

“That night will be a night when I’ll share and encourage. I’ll also be doing some songs from previous albums that will ring a bell with most of the audience.

“I will invite people to participate and engage—and have their love for Jesus reaffirmed,” she added. “I want people to leave refreshed in this love for Him and to have a renewed sense of their mission on this planet.”

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  1. Abuja, Nigeri says:

    Thank God for his kindness over BGEA. I see she is a good woman for having use this priviledge to sing gospel songs is very amazing. Wish 2 see your ministry in Nigeria. GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. abigail says:

    I absolutely love your new album…best one yet! wait for me spoke to me last month. I was…and still a struggle with my feeling for someone…even though I am very young. happy for you Rebecca! keep singing!!! and thank you

  3. Molly says:

    You rock my world

  4. Lichrisha says:

    I think that it is awesome and inspirational to have such a strong Godly woman share the message of waiting, while the Lord brings the right person into our lives. It is a message that needs to be lived as well as heard, and I am grateful to have such a strong, beautiful woman on our side.

  5. Gloria says:

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  6. Bethany Brake says:

    Praise The Lord!! Rebecca is a blessing in so many ways. I look up to her and thankful God is always working together good for those who love Him, as she stated above. Her ministry is in my prayers! I will be keeping Billy Graham ministries in my prayers as well. Be Blessed.