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By   •   October 1, 2013

Couple on ranch
Bill Farr, a Search for Jesus volunteer, with his wife on their ranch in Georgia. Bill can share Christ with people around the world without neglecting the responsibilities of home.

BGEA’s Internet evangelism ministry offers volunteer opportunities for Christians who want to reach people with the Gospel without leaving home. Ministry volunteers are all ages, but many of them are retired—and eager to serve online.

82-Year-Old Sharpens Computer Skills to Reach World for Christ

Beverly Jones flips through her Bible while talking on the phone. She’s looking for Psalm 92:14 and reads it out loud when she finds it. “They still bear fruit in old age,” she reads. “That’s what inspires me.”

Beverly is one of BGEA’s many Internet evangelism volunteers over the age of 65. She’s 82 and volunteers as a chat coach. She chats with people online through the evangelistic website,, answering spiritual questions and directing online visitors to Jesus Christ as the only lasting hope.

Beverly Jones

Beverly, of Georgia, was watching TV one day when she heard Franklin Graham talk about Search for Jesus, the Internet evangelism ministry. He talked about ways people can get involved in this global mission field.

“He said that all it takes is a working computer and a desire to do it,” Beverly said, then laughs. “He didn’t say anything about you have to know how to work the computer. … The only thing I really knew how to do was email.”

Beverly went through the necessary application and training process to be a Search for Jesus volunteer.

In the meantime, she went to the library for some video tutorials on using a computer. She took a senior citizen’s class on the same topic and asked a couple of people from church for help. Search for Jesus also offered training and support.

“I was making headway, but it was taking a long time,” she said.

Then she found out that the Search for Jesus team would be nearby in Atlanta, Georgia, to meet volunteers just like her. That’s where she met her area coordinator, Cheryl McClure. The pair live close by, and Cheryl arranged to come by Beverly’s house to help her navigate the Internet. As a fellow volunteer, Cheryl knew exactly what Beverly needed to do.

“After that, it was pretty quick,” Beverly said.

The seasoned volunteer is retired from banking. She teaches Sunday school and works with a children’s ministry. She’s always liked Billy Graham, she said, and can now say she’s part of his ongoing ministry through the Internet.

“I just love the Lord. He is the joy and rejoicing of my heart,” she said. “I want to serve Him.”

Beverly has been a Christian since she was 27. Ever since then, she has witnessed to people and handed out Gospel tracts. Now she has the world at her fingertips. As a chat coach, she has led four people to Christ since February.

“One said, ‘I’m crying so hard I can hardly see the keyboard.’ I said, ‘Well that’s a good cry.'”

Retired Physician Finds a New Calling

Bill Farr is another Search for Jesus volunteer over 65. He’s a 72-year-old retired physician who owns a 700-acre cattle ranch in Georgia. He heard about Search for Jesus at The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina, and now serves as a chat coach.

“It’s very gratifying,” he said.

Bill gave his life to Christ at age 17, but “got lost” for about 50 years after entering medical school. He went to church for weddings and funerals, but that was it. Then five years ago, facing heart surgery, a friend took him through the Gospel story, which Bill had never fully understood. He rededicated his life to Christ and has since survived a heart attack and getting hit by a car on his bike.

“I figure He doesn’t need me up there yet,” he said.

As an editor for an international hospice organization, Bill was used to using a computer before volunteering with Search for Jesus. What makes him want to volunteer?

“Our country and the world is in terrible straits,” he said. “There’s more atheism going on than Christianity.”

Many people Bill chats with online are Christians—or think they are, but are worried about their salvation.

If online visitors aren’t Christians, he takes them through each page of, a site that presents the Gospel and allows people to chat with trained volunteers like Bill. As online visitors go through the pages of the website, Bill answers any questions they might have. When they get to the end, he asks if they are ready to give their lives to Christ. He also points them to a couple of BGEA websites, like and Know Jesus, for follow-up and discipleship.

Bill and his wife, Elsa, hosted a picnic for a handful of regional Search for Jesus volunteers at their ranch in September. They got to know each other and encouraged each other in their ministry.

You can get involved in Search for Jesus, too. Find out how.

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  1. Yolanda Chong says:

    I live in Fresno, CA. Do you have any volunteers in this area?

    1. BGEA says:

      Yolanda, we have volunteers all over the country, including many in California! We emailed you with details

  2. Judy Jarvis says:

    My husband and I have a year before we are retired, but we are interested in being trained and going into the catastrophe areas. How do we get started?

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Judy,

      Here is a link to an FAQ page about the BGEA Rapid Response Team (RRT) training:

      Thanks and God bless! -BGEA Team

  3. Mahima says:

    Amazing!!! Praise the Lord!! Do let me knw more info about the same.

  4. Virginia O. Greaige says:

    Interested in learning more about this ministry.

  5. Joyce Van Osdel says:

    I am 58 can I still do it?

    1. Tiffany Jothen says:

      Absolutely! Find details here:

      – BGEA Staff

  6. Carol Davis says:

    This sounds like something I would like to do but don’t know enough about.

    1. Joy Allmond says:

      Carol, visit this link for more information:

  7. Jack L Woltz says says:

    This sounds great, I retired, At the age of 74, I will be at the age of 79 in December, The past 4.5 years I have been Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, My wife went to Heaven in 2011, I have A local area of some times groups of 9 each month, From school children to homes of aged people, I have had one Mission trip to Honduras, Also Prisons, and at Churches, May be, I could use your online Christens, And help with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I will PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, Amen

  8. James says:

    With over 95 of those who attend church never having led even one person personally to Christ, I am thrilled at the BGEA effortsd to motivate, equip and mobilize believers to become active, competent fishers of men – true followers of Christ –

  9. Benjamin says:

    I am delighted to hear about this ministry. I am a retired pastor, but being invited to preach in our local area churches once in a while. I accept their invitation because I don't want to be idle and later on deteriorate. I still want to preach like

  10. Donald says:

    Bill and Elsa are my best friends in JESUS! Bill is a true servant of GOD AND A RAGING Christian. I know him as a specialist in Medicine, Science of Farming and most importantly, an inexhaustible evangelist and Leader. ALL GLORY TO CHRIST OF GOD!