Ongoing Ministry in Haiti

By   •   February 1, 2010

New Life Springs Up in the Ruins of Haiti
More than two months after the monumental earthquake hit Haiti, Rapid Response Team (RRT) chaplains are still on the ground ministering to the victims, and lives continue to be impacted by the Gospel.
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Tales of Hope and Redemption
A lady approached Rapid Response Team chaplains, saying, “I have prayed to give my life to Jesus but all of my family is involved in Voodoo and it is very evil.” Chaplains talked to her and prayed that the chains of evil would be broken and her family would come to Christ.
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Christian Artists Unite to Bring ‘Healing4Haiti’
A diverse group of Christian musicians, led by Michael W. Smith, are helping bring relief and comfort to earthquake survivors by contributing their talents to a new album called Healing4Haiti.
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He is Close to the Brokenhearted
Learn about the many ways Rapid Response Team chaplains are helping survivors, soldiers, police officers and even ministers as the nation begins to heal and rebuild
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A Weekend of Fasting and Prayer
The one-month anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti was marked by three days of mourning, fasting and prayer. See new photos and an update from the Feb. 12 anniversary.
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Hungry for Truth in Haiti
One month after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, Rapid Response Team chaplains are seeing more readiness for the Gospel than ever.
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Eyewitness to Grief and Glory
Keith Stiles choked back tears as he shared the agony of serving in Haiti. But this Rapid Response Team chaplain was even more moved by seeing the glory and strength of God visible in the people he met.
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Hope in the Darkness
Rapid Response Team (RRT) chaplains, who are housed at the Baptist Haiti Mission Hospital compound outside of Port-au-Prince, are busy providing encouragement and ministry to patients. The chaplains have had the opportunity to pray individually, with many of the patients.
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New Life in Haiti
Last week, we introduced you to Watson, a young man injured in the Haiti earthquake. He was resting on the floor of the Baptist Haiti Mission Hospital five days after the quake when BGEA Rapid Response Team (RRT) chaplains Jack and Becca Dowling visited and prayed with him.
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Healing for Haiti
Drive along the streets of Port-au-Prince and you’ll see what used to be a park, packed with people who are living there. Some of them are people who do not want to sleep in their homes for fear of after shocks. Drive a little farther and you’ll see a body lying in the gutter that someone has covered. But, in this dark situation, a light is shining through the door of a government hospital.
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A Ray of Hope in Haiti
It’s been impossible to shake the images from the past week: Covered with dust and a state of shock on his face, a little boy looks listlessly up at the camera. A woman half-buried, reaching out from the rubble pleading for help. A survivor standing in a doorway with a knife as looters fight over the contents of a store.
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Messages From Haiti
BGEA Internet writer Jeremy Hunt responded with Rapid Response Team chaplains and Samaritan’s Purse personnel responding to the tragedy in Haiti.
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Haiti Disaster: What Can You Do Today?
The people of Haiti need medical supplies, clean water, shelter, and food. They also desperately need our prayers.
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Tragedy in Haiti
The very first report on January 12: Please pray for the people of Haiti as they deal with a devastating earthquake in their capital city. Chaplains from the Rapid Response Team deployed within hours of this disaster.
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