‘OK, God, You Got My Attention’

By   •   June 13, 2012

A 62-year-old divorcée from Colorado is overcoming her addiction to pornography a day at a time.

“The Lord … set me free,” she said.

The woman recently gave her life to Christ after hearing about PeaceWithGod.net on a local Christian radio station. PeaceWithGod.net, part of BGEA’s Search for Jesus ministry, shares the Gospel through Scripture and videos.

“It is good I can come to this site instead of the other one,” she said.

The transition began when the woman, a former nurse now on disability, was trying to view a picture from a porn site, but the picture wouldn’t load.

“I left the site and said, ‘OK, God, you got my attention.'”

It was her 21-year-old son who first warned her that viewing those sites could affect the way her computer functions.

“At first I believed him, then came back to it,” she said recently. “But since the other day when I gave my life to Jesus, … I have not gone to those sites.” She thanks God for giving her “a clean slate.”

Although the woman is struggling to shake the “guilt and shame and regret” of her addiction – one that “plagued” her for a long time, she has figured out a way to curb the temptation. Now when she thinks of visiting a porn site, she turns to PeaceWithGod.net instead.

“Since I have given my heart to Jesus anew, I have had more peace and more of a desire to read the Word and pray and go to church,” she said. “It has been a blessing to me. I’m so glad that site is there.”

The woman started going to church, reading the Gospel of John and praying the Lord’s Prayer.

“I want to get to know Him better so I won’t get overwhelmed so easy. … I am thankful that He is a God of second chances and third [chances], etc. He never gives up on us.”

Are you or someone you know struggling with addiction? Click here for more.

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One PeaceWithGod.net visitor is coping with the death of a spouse. Another still feels angry at being raped as a child. One couple just moved into their new home and can’t manage the high bills.

PeaceWithGod.net might not send flowers to the widow or pay the mortgage, but it does point the way to lasting comfort, forgiveness and relief from life’s worries. It points people to Christ, who promises new life and guidance to those who trust in Him.

One Canadian visitor said the site saved his life. Another, who was already a Christian, reads Billy Graham’s online devotions daily and found PeaceWithGod.net that way. The woman’s husband returned from service in Afghanistan and likely suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Although the woman and her daughter are firm in their faith – they help lead youth group and will participate in BGEA’s Rock the River event in Ottawa this fall – the woman needed encouragement and found it in PeaceWithGod.net.

Others come to the site as non-believers but leave differently. “Thank you for showing me the way to God’s arms!” a 19-year-old man from Pennsylvania wrote. “I really needed directions.”

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  1. onyii says:

    It's so amazing how God works.just one day …… And everything would turn around for his glory. I'm grateful to God for giving me the grace to discover this site.

  2. Ivy says:

    I thank you lord for making me open this site. I have found my salvation.

  3. Helen says:

    It is really amazing to know that a site like this is available to all. . . No news like the GOOD NEWS. . .it works wonder. . .

  4. Bianca says:

    I thank god for giving my family the power to over come the loss of my mom,dad,sister,and aunt on a car accident and that i mananged to survive. (THANK GOD THAT I DISCOVERD THIS WEB VERY SOON)

  5. Pumei Golmei says:

    Praise GOD for HIS unfailing love! The testimonies on 'ok GOD,you got my attention' where a 62 years old divorcee from Colorado at last found peace wit GOD on PeaceWithGod.net/facebook is really amazing and I love GOD for showing HIS great miracles. The website http://www.PeaceWithGod.net is really distributing peace to the lost ones. May GOD use BGEA abundantly to retrieve the lost souls. Amen

  6. Nuhu says:

    Jesus has the power to change life. Thank you jesus

  7. Funke says:

    Glory to God for these testimonies. More anointing to BGEA

  8. Paulo - Brazil says:

    Thanks God for this testimony. It's amazing when we see people who are transformed by the power of the Gospel. Many addictions have been destroying lives, but the name of Jesus is mores powerfull than everything else. I really thank God.

  9. Abimbola says:

    Thank u God for this site

  10. Tope says:

    This site is a great site. It is full of great inspiration n insight. God bless peace with God