Ni Hao Taipei!

By   •   October 31, 2008

6:12 PM

Augustine Yeh, a famous pop singer and opera performer, shares her voice and her heart with the crowd.

“Since childhood, I was a lonely person. There was an emptiness in my heart. One day, the doctor told me that I had major health problems. The little girl in my heart cried, but I felt an older man in my heart, comforting me. I asked, ‘Is that you, Lord?’ He answered and came into my life. Jesus is God. Jesus is love. No matter what happens to you, Jesus is Savior.”

6:47 PM

The music continues with Se-En Lai and Feng Jun, a couple of male and female pop singers. Soon thereafter, a man who looms large on the Festival scene, Dennis Agajanian, took the stage. His lightning fingers and laser-precision finger-picking wowed the audience last night. And tonight is no different. I’m not sure if it’s the massive black hat, the guitar skills, or simply his outgoing demeanor, but he’s made many new fans here.

Anne Barbour, vocalist and Tom Coomes Band member, just joined Dennis for a moving rendition of “Be Thou My Vision.” The soulful mood is further reinforced with saxophone solo of “Amazing Grace” from Sam Hsiao.

7:02 PM

Heavenly Melody, a traveling troop of singers, came out to perform. A trio of incredibly talented musicians accompanies them after one song: Huntley Brown on piano, Met Francisco on trumpet and Mr. Hsiao again on sax. Heavenly Melody has been in existence for about 50 years and they’ve journeyed the world over, bringing the joy of music and God’s love with them wherever they go.

7:34 PM

I’ll say this: the people of Taiwan love, love, love their music. After taking up an offering, a young pop star named Rachel Liang won the affections of the audience with an exuberant stage presence. Her radiant praise music had many up on their feet, waving their hands in adoration of God.

8:05 PM

The Tommy Coomes Band serenaded the audience with The Lord’s Prayer and My Hope. Their hard work was on full display, as they impressed everyone with verses from each song sung in Mandarin.

Next, Franklin finally arrived. After a few comments about the economic turmoil around the world, he explains that he’s going to take a look at the story of the rich young ruler in Mark 10. He says that “it’s been 2000 years since this story, but some things remain the same: money, power, sexual experiences. But it’s not enough to full of one’s life.”

He suggests that there’s something missing in this young man’s life. There was a restlessness in his soul. He had a question for Jesus: “How can I be sure that I have eternal life?”

Franklin draws the parallel a between the young ruler and the people listening tonight. Just like that young man had a choice to make when he came to Jesus, each one in the crowd has a choice to make as well. Tonight is that opportunity. Tonight is the night that each one can meet Jesus.

Franklin ends the evening by sending out the call to come to Jesus. Praise the Lord for the 1,008 responses tonight. This brings the total number of commitments to 5,042 (combining Kidz Fest last Saturday, last night and tonight). Please continue to lift up Franklin, the Festival team and all who will attend tomorrow and Sunday.

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