Newsboys Song Launched on My Hope CD Rises as ‘Statement of Our Faith’

By   •   March 18, 2014

michael tait
Song by Newsboys frontman Michael Tait, 'We Believe,' was the most added radio song from last week, originally featured as the first track of the My Hope CD: Songs Inspired by the Message and Mission of Billy Graham.

Michael Tait knew something was up.

Everywhere he went and every time he flipped on Christian radio, it seemed like he kept hearing the Newsboys’ song “We Believe.”

Certainly, he’s no stranger to hearing his own voice on the radio waves, but this song in particular, went from zero to 60 like a Maserati. From not hearing it on any stations to “hearing it all the time in Nashville,” Tait told the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association this weekend.

“We haven’t had a hit on radio like this in forever.”

For a band with 30 No. 1 hits on Christian radio, that’s saying something.  “We Believe” became Newsboys’ biggest one-week add with 64 radio stations picking up the song, which Tait describes as a “creed” for Christians.

“We believe in God the Father. We believe in Jesus Christ. We believe in the Holy Spirit.  And He’s given us new life,” Tait said. “It’s a creed. That’s who we are. That’s our mission. That’s our salvation. That’s our eternity.”

The song, which also climbed to No. 5 on the iTunes Christian chart, was the first track to the My Hope CD, Songs—“Songs Inspired by the Message and Mission of Billy Graham,”—launched on Oct. 15 in conjunction with last fall’s My Hope America with Billy Graham outreach.

“We Believe” was also played during a Billy Graham Tribute at The Dove Awards in Nashville, along with Michael W. Smith’s “Just As I Am.”

“If Billy Graham could sing the way he speaks, I think this would be his message in a song,” Tait said. “It’s direct and to the point. It’s the Gospel message.”

Newsboys band members Jeff Frankenstein, Duncan Phillips, Michael Tait and Jody Davis stand in support of Franklin Graham at the Lithuania Festival of Hope in 2011.

“The song is a statement of our faith that every believer can rally around,” said Hudson Plachy, Vice President of Marketing at Capital Christian Music group. “Being on the My Hope record with Mr. Graham, it was a great fit for that record and it’s a great fit for radio.”

And it’s resonating with fans on the current Winter Jam tour. Tait, introducing the song, simply recites some of the lyrics.

“We believe in the crucifixion. We believe that He conquered death,” Tait said. “We believe in the resurrection. And He’s comin’ back again … and the crowd erupts.”

When the Newsboys first heard “We Believe,” Tait knew it needed to be added to the Newsboys’ new “Restart” album, even at the “11th hour.”

“It’s basically a salvation prayer,” he said. “And I knew the name of Jesus doesn’t come back void.”

And that commitment to spreading the Gospel keeps the Newsboys connected with the mission of BGEA, playing at upcoming Franklin Graham Festivals in both Warsaw, Poland and Toronto, Canada.

What Franklin does is the heart of ministry—he preaches the Gospel,” Tait said. “That’s what we’re called to do.”

Michael Tait performs with dc Talk at the 2002 Billy Graham Crusade in Cincinnati.

Joining with Franklin Graham to share the Gospel is not a new thing for the Newsboys. The band has played at past Festivals in Lithuania, Latvia and Rochester, N.Y., and have also joined Will Graham at the Will Graham Jersey Shore Celebration.

Of course, Tait’s history with the BGEA dates back almost 20 years when dc Talk opened for Billy Graham at the first contemporary music youth night in Cleveland in 1994.

That night, more than 65,000 packed Cleveland Stadium, where over 6,500 responded to Mr. Graham’s Gospel presentation. “And we just start bawling,” Tait recalled.

Plenty of dc Talk fans had a similar reaction to the band’s breakup, but Tait has a reassuring message. Fear not, a dc Talk reunion may not be that far off.

“I think it’ll happen,” Tait said. “Toby(Mac), Kevin (Max) and myself, we’re all doing our own little deal. It’s just a matter of getting our ducks in a row.

“I think it’s inevitable.”

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  1. carol Fleischmann says:

    I believe. The first time I heard this song I knew it was going to be a hit . awesome song

  2. rosalie russeff says:

    the first time Iheard We Believe the holy piirt fludded my soul with the holy spirt it made my faith so much stronger I made it a point
    to listen to the words morning noon and night I thank god for the message the newsboys have brought to our world they are a great
    insperation to our generation this is one of the songs that remind me of all the great gospel songs in my life i am 67 years old and I
    am so glad to know that this song will touch many hearts and age groups which I glad my grandchildren will have a great song to remember
    all there lives as I have had a chance to be brought up will the Billy Graham Crusade and many great songs again I will say god bless
    the NewsBoys for there wonderful message to the world

  3. chepngetich koech says:

    i bless God for Billy Graham ministry…may God continue to use you all in Jesus name.

  4. Diane McCall says:

    Billy Graham is a gifted, man of God. He is an inspiration to the whole world. And he is loved by the whole world.

  5. Joyce Paul says:

    God can spread the fragrance of His love through us. PRAISE, PRAISE and PRAISE LORD! amen.