New Life in Haiti

By   •   January 27, 2010

This week, we asked the Dowlings for an update on Watson. First, it turns out his actual name is Bezile. As Jack explained, “When he introduced himself to us, he introduced himself with his last name, as most Haitians do. So, that’s why we call him ‘Watson’.”

Watson was returning from class at a trade school when the earthquake hit January 12. He started to enter his house when he was knocked backward and injured by a collapsing wall.

During his stay at the hospital, he requested daily prayer from the Dowlings, who report a special bond between them and this 21-year old with the infectious smile.

As chaplains spoke with him, Watson acknowledged that having attended church throughout his entire life, he knew a lot of Scripture but didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ. He listened intently as chaplains, through an interpreter, shared the Steps to Peace with God, and he enthusiastically prayed to invite Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.

“He is very excited about his faith,” said Becca. He also looks forward to sharing that faith with his family. Becca has a feeling his cousins will be among the first to hear of his new life. “He has lots of cousins who came to visit him and were gathered around his bed. I know he will be a real light for Christ in his family.”

Watson was discharged from the hospital on Monday. “They put him in the back of a pickup truck, we prayed with him one last time, and said good-bye to him. He wants so desperately to stay in contact with us,” said Becca. “Two hours later we got a phone call from him. He was home and he just wanted to make contact and make sure we wouldn’t forget him.”

Like so many families in Haiti, Watson’s family is living one day at a time, waiting for their impoverished nation to begin the long task of rebuilding.

“They are in need at their home. The earthquake damaged their house. I am also certain for other physical needs, such as food and money,” she said. “So we keep Watson in our prayers. We’re so thankful for him, to see such a young man who is excited about the Lord.”

Watson is just one of the thousands of people Rapid Response Team chaplains will be ministering to in the weeks and months ahead. Please keep him and our RRT chaplains in your prayers. You can also give to help us continue our work in Haiti.

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