New Faces, Same Message of Love

By   •   August 8, 2009

More than 13,800 youth and young adults came out for the third of four Rock The River stops, which brings together musical acts designed to reach youth not acquainted with Christianity.

In between sets, Franklin Graham took to the stage to talk from his heart to the lost and hurting.

Quad Cities brought us some fantastic artists, including tour mainstay Flyleaf and an all-new cast of incredibly talented bands: Fireflight, GRITS, DecembeRadio, and The Afters. Franklin’s message of hope and love in Jesus remained the same.

During his last message, Franklin told the crowd, “Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.'” He then recounted a parable that Jesus told, one about a prodigal son from Luke 15. He had left his loving father to live the life he wanted, only to find himself in destitution, living and eating with pigs.

Franklin challenged the audience to realize their connection with this wayward son. “This boy is a picture of the human race. You need to have true repentance. You can come home tonight to your father in heaven. He will put his arms around you and He will welcome you.”

Ultimately, as the call went out at various times throughout the concert, a total of 805 people responded. Lives were changed for eternity. It was a beautifully moving day. The tour is now almost over. Rock The River ends this coming weekend in Minneapolis/St. Paul on Aug. 16. Come out and bring all of your friends.

You too can accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Follow the Steps to Peace and make sure your soul will be with God for eternity.