A ‘New Beginning’ for Many in Pachuca, Mexico

By   •   April 1, 2017

Woman arm in arm with young man
Will Graham's message of hope touched hearts at the Celebration. "God sees you and cares for you. He sees your hurt and wants to do something about it. He wants to change your life."

Thousands heard Will Graham share the Gospel this past weekend at the Celebration of Hope in Pachuca, Mexico, and hundreds surrendered their lives to Christ. Please pray for these new believers to connect with a Bible-based church and be encouraged and discipled by fellow Christians.

Eternity is at stake.

It’s a common phrase used by evangelist Will Graham as he speaks about his calling and mission. He understands that nobody is guaranteed another moment here on earth, and he implores those in the audience to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ while there’s still time.

It’s also something that is on the minds of many in the city of Pachuca, Mexico, this weekend. Especially for those who have spent the last several months planning and preparing for the Celebration of Hope with Will Graham.

They’re especially excited to see how God will move in their city, and are asking God to change hearts in this mid-sized town that sits 50 miles northeast of Mexico City.

Tere Corona began her own walk with Jesus after she and her husband, Luis, moved to Pachuca 23 years ago. “I love this city,” she said. “In this city, I knew for the first time about Christ. Jesus changed everything in our lives, and we had a new beginning here.”

Today, she’s anticipating the new beginning that many of her friends and neighbors may find as the Gospel is shared in the open-air venue at Parque David Ben Gurion.

“I’m excited about the people who are going to make a first-time decision and give their lives to Christ,” Tere said. “My biggest desire is to see a great harvest of new Christians.”

Luis, standing alongside Tere, echoed her sentiment: “My desire is to see the esplanade full of people, and people giving their hearts to Christ.”

Celebration Coordinator Filiberto Torres is eager to see the Holy Spirit move through Pachuca.

“Since seven months ago when the organization began, I couldn’t sleep well. I have dreams that people will come to Christ,” he said. “This will be a great event. We will see miracles and marvelous things happening.

“I ask people to pray so that the glory of God can be all around the city and many people come to Christ. That’s my desire.”

Patty Estrada has worked in the Celebration office as an assistant and brought several people to the opening program on Friday night. It’s her prayer that the work she and many others have done over the past several months will bear fruit as the Word is proclaimed.

“I’m hoping to see many people come to the Lord. Breaking their hearts upon the Lord and the Holy Spirit moving around us,” she said. “Yes, everybody here in Pachuca needs Jesus. I need Jesus! There are many people here that are looking for the Lord, and they don’t even know. They don’t know it!”

Even before the festivities began, Patty saw the impact that the Celebration process has had on her community as some 300 churches partnered together in this mission.

“It has been very interesting because we have been working with the church, with the people, with the trainings. All of the people are working for the Lord.

“We can see the people praying like one church, one body. It’s amazing working brother and sister, together, for the Lord’s Gospel,” she said.

And none of it is possible without prayer.

“I’m praying the Holy Spirit will move upon Will Graham and everybody here. We’re working to see the people come upon the Lord,” Patty said.

“Pray very much for us. Pray very much for our city. Our country needs the prayers from around the world.”

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