Navigating LGBT With Truth and Grace

By   •   March 21, 2023

If you were invited to a wedding that celebrated homosexuality, would you go?

“We all know and love someone that’s a part of the LGBT community,” shared Cissie Graham Lynch on her Fearless podcast. “Loving your neighbor doesn’t mean affirming LGBT.”

How can believers respond with both love and truth? How should parents help their children understand God’s design for marriage and sexuality?

Homosexuality has become a driving force in today’s culture. In schools, TV shows, and on social media, the LGBT movement is relentlessly advocated and celebrated. Every day, places such as coffee shops, grocery stores, and even churches promote gay pride. As a result, the percentage of young people who identify as LGBT has increased dramatically.

“If a child hears it enough, they’re going to start to believe it,” Lynch said. “And this is a time of utter confusion for this younger generation. We as parents [and] as the church are to provide clarity in this time of confusion. ”

Homosexuality is a controversial issue, one that has become very personal for believers and churches over the past few decades. Helping Christians navigate this difficult topic was one of the main reasons why Cissie started her podcast in the first place.

“Why are churches not talking about this issue?” Lynch asks.

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She believes love has become the church’s greatest stumbling block. Many believers stay silent because of how personal this sin of homosexuality has become for them. Standing up for God’s design of marriage and sexuality can often mean disagreeing with the lifestyle choices of the people closest to them.

“We’re fearful of offending people so much that we won’t speak the truth that will save them,” Lynch said. “We are to love our neighbors, but we can do that full of grace and full of truth. If we truly love people, we tell them the truth.”