My Hope World Television Project Launches in Thailand

By   •   May 6, 2009

Hundreds of churches signed up to participate in My Hope today and many more are expected to join as the 7th Congress on Evangelism continues.

As with each launch event, the goal of the meeting is to explain to a broad number of Christians in the country how the My Hope project works, and give them an opportunity to formally invite BGEA into a partnership with them to advance the Gospel through My Hope.

Franklin Graham addressed the Congress participants by video and told them how much he and Billy Graham love Thailand. He continued his message, conveying that they are praying for the opportunity to partner with Thai pastors and churches to reach many people for Christ.

One half of one percent of Thailand’s 60 million people belongs to evangelical churches. A goal of this country’s evangelical Christian community is to expose all 80,000 villages of Thailand to the Gospel by the year 2010.

“As a country, Thailand is spiritually very open and the Thai evangelical leadership has a vision for the coming decades,” said Hans Mannegren, BGEA’s Director of International Ministries.

Rev. Enoch Sirkkul, National Director of the My Hope Thailand says, “I am excited. The time is right. One of the leaders in one of the 76 provinces wants to train all pastors [in his province] to do My Hope. They want to double the number of Christians. They want to be part of writing a new chapter of church history.”

BGEA has a target of December 2009 to broadcast My Hope programs into thousands of homes in Thailand. After viewing the 30-minute programs with their friends, family and neighbors, hosts who have been trained by BGEA will give a brief personal testimony and invite those present to commit their lives to Christ.

Between today’s launch and the planned December telecast, prayer will be the major emphasis in the numerous planning and training activities necessary to organize the project.