Muslim Woman at Billy Graham Library Asks ‘Who Is Jesus?’ & Other Library Stories

By   •   May 9, 2017

We never know who God will lead to the Billy Graham Library next.

The Billy Graham Library tells the history of how God called Billy Graham to reach the world for Christ—and shares how we can all know Christ for ourselves.

A 70-something Billy Graham Library volunteer named Elizabeth recently noticed a woman standing outside the Library’s prayer room. Elizabeth asked the woman if she’d like to talk, and after some hesitation, the woman quietly walked into the prayer room with Elizabeth.

She spoke softly, giving her name as Amy and explaining that she was a Muslim from a Muslim country. She was searching for the answer to one question: Who is Jesus?

The women talked for two hours, and although Amy never said how she got to the Charlotte, North Carolina, Library, she did share with Elizabeth how following Jesus in her country could lead to beatings, rejection from her community or even death. She’s seen it happen.

In the midst of the woman’s fear and seeking, Elizabeth shared from the Bible about God’s love and His plan for Amy’s life—a plan to have a one-on-one relationship with her through Jesus Christ. Amy listened and decided to invite Jesus into her life.

After the pair prayed together, Elizabeth gave Amy a Bible and some other follow-up resources. Amy hugged her, whispered her real name into Elizabeth’s ear and left quietly with her Bible in hand.

We never know who God will lead to the Library next, but thank God for each one. Here are three other recent stories from the Library:

A 2,400-Mile Journey to Accept Christ

Nine-year-old Isaac hopped up from his knees in the Billy Graham Library’s prayer room and gave a volunteer named Bob a huge hug. The boy spoke so excitedly in his native Spanish that Bob could catch only parts of what he said, but the enthusiasm in Isaac’s eyes reflected his newfound faith in Jesus Christ.

Isaac came to the Library while on a trip with his father from their home in Quito, Ecuador. Neither spoke much English. Bob, however, had served as a missionary in South America for seven years and happened to be in the prayer room when Isaac and his father finished The Journey of Faith tour, which explains the Gospel through the history of a farm boy named Billy Graham and the message he preached for decades.

Bob admits his Spanish is somewhat rusty, but the Holy Spirit had no trouble communicating with Isaac’s heart.

“Although I stumbled around with some of my words, Isaac gave his heart to Jesus. I know that. He must have given me six hugs,” Bob said.

Isaac’s father was thrilled. Before the pair left, Bob wanted to be sure there would be follow-up for the boy in his new life with Christ. He learned that the boy’s family has an active church home in Quito, where Isaac will continue to receive the Word of God and grow in his walk with the Lord.

15-Year-Old Artist Surrenders to Jesus

When 15-year-old Elizabeth heard about the student art contest held at the Library, she knew she had to enter since drawing is one of her favorite hobbies. She shaded the sky on her paper with a light blue colored pencil before selecting a black pencil to outline the cross she had sketched at the center. Then she filled out the rest of the Library’s barn shape around its massive cross entrance.

After working on her picture for several days, Elizabeth visited the Library with her parents to deliver her entry. Once she submitted the drawing, the family decided to go through The Journey of Faith tour—as they had done before. As they walked through the galleries, Elizabeth sensed God working. She had grown up in a Christian home and attended church her entire life—but as she watched Billy Graham preaching in the final theater, the Holy Spirit spoke to her heart.

Elizabeth thought of her drawing, which she had titled “Come Through the Cross.” When the family came to the prayer room, Elizabeth immediately told a Library volunteer named Jim that she wanted to surrender her whole life to Jesus. Jim invited the 10th-grader and her parents to sit down with him. After making sure Elizabeth clearly understood the Gospel, he led her in committing her life to Christ.

“My own Journey of Faith at the Billy Graham Library has made me understand Mr. Graham’s journey more,” she wrote afterwards. “So many lives and souls have been changed because of his dedication to God. The Library is where souls can be touched and saved if they ‘Come Through the Cross.’”

Straight to the Prayer Room

Jackie, a Library volunteer, looked up to see a group of guests enter the prayer room. She hadn’t seen them leave The Journey of Faith tour but immediately greeted the two women and three children before asking if they had any prayer needs. One of the women, Kaysha, explained that her sister-in-law and niece were visiting from Puerto Rico and had asked to see the Library.

Kaysha asked the volunteer to pray that God would meet their family’s needs. Jackie promised to do that, then asked Kaysha if she had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Kaysha said she believed in Jesus but that she didn’t know what having a relationship with Him meant.

Jackie explained God’s plan of salvation to Kaysha while her sister-in-law, already a Christian, listened quietly. Once Kaysha understood, she eagerly gave her life to Jesus. Her sister-in-law cried tears of joy. The volunteer prayed for Kaysha’s family, as well as for Kaysha to grow in her new faith.

As the family left the prayer room, Jackie asked if they had enjoyed The Journey of Faith tour. The two women looked puzzled.

“What Journey of Faith tour?” Kaysha asked. “We just came to this room and sat down.”

Jackie explained that their Library experience was just beginning—and the women laughed as they realized that God had directed their steps right into the prayer room where Kaysha would find eternal life.

Have you visited the Billy Graham Library? Plan your trip today.

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  1. Christene Hack says:

    How do I reach a 30 year old Muslim who has been indoctrinated with Islam beliefs and doesn’t know who or what Jesus Christ has to do with his salvation?

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Christene,

      Read this link about telling others about Jesus: Thanks and God bless! -BGEA Team

  2. Allegra Kitchens says:

    Reading these wonderful stories of salvation has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. How marvelous are God’s works.

  3. Tessa Michel says:

    I have been through the prayer walk, and was so very touched by the ministry of Billy Graham that I couldn’t help from holding back tears. When I got home to Texas, I told my mother I wished I could take her.

  4. Guiselle Martinez says:

    My plan was to stay two hours, but I was so captivated by all the rooms with the Word of God, the stay was five hours.😘

  5. Barbara W Yound says:

    It is my heart’s desire to visit the Billy Graham Library. My family and I have known and watched Rev. Graham on TV way back since I was a teenager. I am now at the right old age of we’ll just say heading somewhere in the seventies. Praise God for each and every day of this precious gift called sweet life. Praying maybe one day a way will be prepared to visit the Library, the Cove and other great things regarding the Graham Family. God grant you peace and strength as you continue the good work. Love and Blessings in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.

  6. Steven Cohn says:

    I am thrilled to read of these recent testimonies of those finding Christ visiting the Billy Graham Library. So inspiring to know people are being touched by the power of the Gospel! Hope to visit someday for the third time and bring my wife to the Cove for a getaway that we both need!

  7. Debra says:

    I am a chat coach for Internet Evangelism with BGEA. It is so exciting to read about how the Holy Spirit is working EVERY WHERE AND EVERY WAY to draw souls to the Savior!!! Hallelujah!

  8. David Fowler says:

    Thank you for something uplifting in these days of sad news everywhere. It’s encouraging to hear that God is still working.

  9. Donna says:

    Lord may these stories draw me closer to God. Love hearing these stories.

  10. King Johnson says: