More Stories of What God is Doing Through ‘My Hope’

By   •   December 9, 2013

my hope

To celebrate his 95th birthday, Billy Graham released a series of new videos that tells the Gospel through Mr. Graham’s preaching and true stories of men and women who have found hope in Jesus Christ. The videos were aired on hundreds of television stations throughout the United States and Canada, and the response has been nothing short of amazing. Here are some of the latest stories of how God has moved through the My Hope project.

Oregon – A pastor showed a My Hope America program to 64 inmates. All but one person responded to the message, including 49 first-time decisions for Christ and 14 re-dedications. The pastor later went back to the jail and led the final man to Christ.

Mohave, Ariz. – Come As You Are Church, which averages about 40 attendees, hosted My Hope gatherings and saw eight first-time commitments to Jesus. Two new families are now attending the church, which has decided to hold My Hope events every other month in 2014.

Kentucky – A man invited his neighbor, who was struggling with drug use, to his My Hope America event. The man came and made a first-time decision to follow Christ. He has since checked himself into a rehab center.

Colorado – A woman submitted the following report to BGEA: “My husband, a minister, had abandoned me and turned from life with God. He returned as the prodigal son did, to participate in the My Hope America gathering we had and rededicated his life to Christ, apologizing in the group for his behavior, broken and calling out for God.  It was so miraculous that one of the members threw up his hands and shouted, unable to contain his joy.  Another, who is a church member, was also broken and came to the cross, confessing that he had strayed, and this My Hope America presentation brought him back home.  Another stated that her husband was straying from God and requested our prayers.  She is fighting Satan in her home. The evening was so filled with the Holy Spirit and the entire group was renewed by the message from Billy Graham!”

Ohio – More than 20 years ago, a woman named Suzie promised her sister-in-law, Janet, who was on her deathbed, that she would do her best to get Janet’s children to follow Christ. Janet told Suzie to tell her kids that she didn’t want to spend eternity without them. That was in 1989. This fall, Suzie held a My Hope America party and all of Janet’s children and grandchildren came, along with some great-grandchildren. By the end of the evening, every one of Janet’s children and several of her grandchildren made first-time decisions to follow Christ. It took more than two decades for Suzie’s promise to be fulfilled, but three generations of Janet’s family learned about the hope of Christ.

Pennsylvania – A pastor who knows David Tyree, the NFL player who shares his story in the My Hope video, Defining Moments, held a “back to school” youth event in September. After games, food and a showing of Defining Moments, 18 teens made first-time decisions to follow Christ.

Indiana – A man saw his grandson accept Christ after watching one of the My Hope videos. The man wrote, “This Grandpa is rejoicing with the Angels in Heaven!”

Omaha, Neb. – The Open Door Mission is a homeless shelter that’s part of The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. On Nov. 7, Billy Graham’s birthday, the Mission hosted a My Hope gathering for about 130 people who squeezed into the chapel together. That night, 18 individuals accepted Christ for the first time and 17 others rededicated their lives to Jesus.

California – A mother shared the following report with BGEA: “My son said, ‘Mom, you do not have to worry about me, because I made the decision to accept Jesus in my life.’ Thanks for the opportunity to share the Gospel and the DVD in a way that can reach many young people and those that have heard of God but do not understand his love and the power of the Cross.”

Pennsylvania – The pastor of a United Methodist Church says his congregation has almost doubled in size, due largely to My Hope America. “People are hungry for the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” the pastor wrote. He said the church hosted a potluck dinner for 57 people and showed a My Hope video. There were 35 decision cards turned in after the video. “A year ago our average Sunday attendance was 50!  We have grown to 90 people since then and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the reason,” the pastor said. “The My Hope event is really the culmination of a year of praying, preaching, teaching. I did not know about My Hope a year ago when I started at this church, but God knew. God sent us My Hope at just the right time and was laying the groundwork for it before we ever knew of it.”

Alabama – One church rented a jumbo-tron screen and put it on the front lawn. Youth and families were invited to come to the church to watch the Alabama vs. LSU football game. As pregame entertainment, Defining Moments was shown and as post-game entertainment, The Cross was shown. Three re-dedications and four salvations were recorded. The pastor said it was an awesome chance to reach out to the entire community.

Arkansas – A pastor submitted the following report after showing one of the My Hope videos that features the powerful story of singer/songwriter Lacey Sturm: “One lady who hated God found [Lacey’s] testimony to be the same as hers—mad at God after losing a good friend. She accepted Christ after the showing, saying that she needed forgiveness from him for her hate and anger.”

It’s not too late to get involved with My Hope with Billy Graham, an ongoing ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Click here for more information, including how to watch the My Hope videos.

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  1. LUIS Martinez says:

    Mi nombre es luis Martinez me gustaria agradecerles a todos especialmente a dios por haber usado a BILLY demasiado para compartir el evangelio.
    yo vivo en Indiana esperemos con la fe en dios podamos traer mas gente latina a jesus cristo.
    soy un creyente por dos años y ahora soy un lider pequeño en espanol sigo creciendo y buscando mas sobre dios .
    hasta hora e traido 3 personas a cristo en los 4 ultimos meses ,
    jesus cristo hizo tanto por mi familia .
    Mi fe es tan grande que algun dia voy a traer miles de personas a jesus con la AYUDA de dios.
    Bendiciones a todos y que dios los bendiga siempre este contigo y tu familia.

  2. Maria Rojas-Gonzalez says:

    We, my husband and I were Mormons. One day I had an experience that changed my life. The Lord rescued my soul and I accepted the Lord as my savior. My husband also received salvation years later. We pray for one of our daughters and her family to come to the Lord also. I also want to get involved with your Hope program to help others to accept the Lord in their lives. Please let me know what do I need to do. Thank you and God bless you.

  3. Irene Claire Trenholm Taskar says:

    Good morning to All ! I brought my son and his friend to UCM Church in North Charlotte for the November Hope video session to show them that God cares and is always with you. They also saw a classmate from their school at the show. I keep the Hope pamphlet in my book called ‘God is CEO’. I pray for Billy Graham to maintain his strong health. We are hoping for God’s angels to remove his respiratory weakness so can breathe comfortably. We are here for Him – pass the Message. Hoping to get to Bily Graham Library with children….Love to all. Mrs. Irene Trenholm Taskar

  4. Amy Johnson says:

    The night before Thanksgiving 3 Churches in Amanda, Ohio banded together to hold a My Hope event at the local skating rink. We turned the entire skating rink into a giant movie theater, inviting the community to bring their chairs and blankets. The skating rink owner opened the place free of charge to all, the churches provided pizza and pop, and the movie Defining Moments was shown. Approximately 75 people attended and 6 young people gave their lives to Christ that night.