Making Disciples in Haiti

By   •   July 9, 2010

Rapid Response Team (RRT) chaplains Phil and Pam Rhodes recently returned to Haiti to do more ministry among the earthquake victims. “Things have definitely improved around here since the earthquake. When we got here a few months ago, people were literally wandering around the streets like sheep without a shepherd. We see less and less people out there,” said Phil. “Our belief is that many have found shelter and have possibly moved toward the mountains, away from Port-au-Prince.”

He also says that the Haitian people (in general) appear to be receiving the necessary food and look to be in better health. “We don’t see the numbers of people that are hungry, like we did.”

Rhodes explains that while the physical conditions are looking better, there is still great spiritual need. “At times, we’ll encounter a new believer that thinks our prayer is heard more by God than their prayers, and this is simply not true. God hears the prayers of all of His children. We are making sure they know that God is just as accessible to them as He is to us.”

Thankfully, chaplains are still praying with many people to accept Christ, and encouraging them to minister to their neighbors. “They are eager to hear the Word, and we are encouraging them to tell their neighbors about Christ and pray with them.”

Real-Life Examples of Continuing Ministry

Pam tells the story of a group of young evangelists they encountered when they visited the warehouse where the shelters are assembled. “We joined in devotions there. Afterward, we had prayed with the pastor and were greeting people. A group of young people approached us, saying they wanted to learn how to share the Gospel with their friends and family,” said Pam. The Steps to Peace with God tract was shared with them, equipping them to make disciples of other people in their lives.

Later that day, the chaplains were visiting another area and sharing stories from the Bible. As a result, five people were moved to receive Christ. “That was a really touching day to see God moving and working in people’s lives. It is encouraging when you see the Haitian church grow stronger in the midst of difficult circumstances,” said Pam. “These people are getting empowered to share the Gospel. This is absolutely necessary, since they are the ones living here and reaching out to people for the rest of their lives.”

Be the Hands and Feet of Christ

As the RRT continues to minister in Haiti, we appreciate your help with this and other outreach efforts. Please give today to help hurting people at home and around the world.

Pam tells of another time when they were out with a medical team talking to Haitian Christians. A young man walked up to the group and listened for a long time. “Finally, he spoke up and said ‘During the earthquake, I knew there is a God and He is powerful.’ Then he pointed to his heart and said, ‘But I need Jesus here.’ We shared the Gospel with him and he came to Christ.”

Later, the team learned that this man is a community leader in his village. “It is so exciting to think that a leader like that can impact his community for the Kingdom,” said Pam.

“We see the Lord moving in a mighty way. Not only are we seeing people accept Christ, but we are watching God put people in place to disciple these new believers.”

How to Pray for Haiti:

  • Pray for the remaining physical needs to the victims to be met.
  • Pray for the health and safety of the ministry teams on the ground.
  • Pray for the Gospel to continue to spread.
  • Praise God for the abundant harvest of souls that has happened.
  • Pray for boldness to evangelize to emerge among the new Christians.

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  1. Ashley says:

    God bless the response team. We're praying for all the chaplains and the response teams for all their labor of love. God will not forget your labor of love. May God's love, protection and grace surround you always. Amen!

  2. Ronisha says says:

    My thoughts and prayers with the people and their families in Haiti. May God bless them always.

  3. David says:

    May we never forget the victims of this devastating crisis. May the RRT be guided and guarded by God's loving hand.

  4. Ila says:

    Prayers for all the people in Haiti. May the response team be blessed to carry out God's work.

  5. Connie says:

    God Bless these good people. This rescue team. They helped me in the 07 flood in Independence, Kansas. Love and blessings to S Purse.