Living Without Fear

By Interview by Joy Allmond   •   November 9, 2009

Many fears plague us as a society and as individuals. From Nov. 17–19, Lloyd John Ogilvie will address biblical ways to combat our fears through his seminar at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, Living Without Fear. He recently spoke to us about what prompted him to speak on this subject and how he wants to equip others to live without fear.

BGEA: What prompted you to speak on this subject?

Ogilvie: Fear has reached epidemic proportions in America. It is contagious, passing from one person to another. Like a disease, it zaps our energy and robs us of the freedom and joy of living. Fear cripples normal Christians and pervades our families.

However, not all of our fears are the kinds that make the news. Our personal world is filled with distressing problems. The real source of our fear comes from inner world of memories, failure, disturbing thoughts, imagination in the wrong direction. At the Cove, I want to explain the powerful, realistic, biblical steps we take to allow the Lord to rid us of our fears.

BGEA: How do we do that?

Ogilvie: I’m going to talk about two different kinds of fear mentioned in the New Testament. The first one is phobos, which refers to a “neurotic fear.” The second is deilias, which means “caution and reserve,” almost toward cowardliness.

As I deal with both words throughout the talks at the seminar, my hope is that people will discover the secrets of conquering fear and caution. Through that discovery, I want then to learn how to live life with peace serenity and hope. Jesus said we would have tribulation. But He also told us to be of good courage, because He has overcome the world.

Through the cross, we’re set free. He has created us to be the post-resurrection home for His own spirit.

BGEA: How can a follower of Christ hurt his or her witness by harboring a lot of fear?

Ogilvie: The world looks to a Christian to see what Jesus can do in a life. When we are dominated by fear, people won’t take us seriously. I encourage all believers to be set free from fear. The world needs to hear from authentic Christians on how we deal with it on a daily basis.

To learn more about how to handle fear on a daily basis, come join us at the Cove for this seminar. Visit the Cove’s Web site for more information or to register.

Lloyd John Ogilvie is president of Leadership Unlimited and speaks at business and professional conferences and meetings throughout the U.S. He previously served as a pastor for four decades, chaplain of the U.S. Senate, and the radio and television host of Let God Love You. He has written nearly 50 books.

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