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By   •   October 27, 2011

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has released an online audio collection of more than 1,650 messages spanning nearly 60 years of Billy Graham’s active ministry.  The new resource – the culmination of a year-long effort of the BGEA Radio Department – allows users to search Mr. Graham’s messages by topic, location or year at  The messages can then be streamed for playback on computers and mobile devices.

“This is a tremendous asset for people who want to be inspired, who are lost, who are looking for answers, who want to rededicate their lives to Christ, or who need reassurance of their salvation,” explained Ken Barun, Senior Vice President of Communications for BGEA.

“It’s a blessing for people to be able to listen to these simple, straightforward and timeless messages.”

From the start of his ministry, Billy Graham was known as a trailblazer in finding innovative ways to present the Gospel. Whether through radio, television, or at standing room-only stadium events around the world, he preached about God’s love for all mankind and the redemptive power of a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Now, those same messages can be accessed anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

“The availability to listen to Mr. Graham’s messages 24 hours a day, seven days a week is amazing.  These messages span from the first Crusade in 1949 through as recent as 2005,” said Barun. “We are thrilled to have people listen to these messages.”

Jim Kirkland, BGEA Director of Radio, echoes Barun’s sentiments. “It’s amazing to ponder the magnitude of inspiration and research available through the audio archives,” Kirkland said. “At the expense of just a couple of key strokes lies six decades of ministry with over 1,600 messages pointing to Christ as the answer to man’s needs.

“It wasn’t even imagined when the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association first began that, one day, the whole world could access the whole body of Billy Graham’s teaching. We’re humbled to be a witness to the arrival of that day.”

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  1. amiya says:

    its a great work to spread the love of God to millions round the world who are yet to know God's love

  2. Ibironke Clement says:

    What a message that has indeed affect my life so much, i have only encounter only one message in my lifetime which i cannot explain how it has affect my life. MY CRY AND HEART DESIRE IS THAT MORE VESSELS LIKE THIS WILL BE RAISED IN THIS END TIME.

  3. Monica Cartocci says:

    What a blessing to find in the Sermons a complete and always present help in any time!!!! helping our closer walk with HIM. Precious to know JESUS better.

  4. KATHY WENDEL says:


  5. Rev. Asif M Sadiq says:

    Praise the Lord…Its really amazing blessing to learn from Billy Graham's sermons. While listening his sermons, I feel that his own intellect and power stop working and Holy Spirit's intellect and power take whole control on him.

  6. Torrey says:

    This is something I Prayed for, Thank God for this and the Blessed messages from over the years from Billy Graham. I've watched him since I was a child with my mother, I only wish I could meet him in person. I love you Billy and how God in you has Blessed me. Thank God for you on earth. I can't wait to listen to this and share it with my family and friends. Thank you and God Bless you. Torrey

  7. Mary says:

    I just was looking for something like this on the web…

  8. steven says:

    Yep, this is amazing!I have been listening Billy's message which were preached in 1954, 1970,1992 and 1998! But his message are still strong and still we need for this period!So,I believe more and more that the Bible is powerful and give alive for who hunger on God!

  9. Joseph Igbinosa says:

    i am asking God to grant me a Godly marraige relationship with my parthner and every third party or northern soldier arrange against my marraige to be count out in Jesus name.