Let the Children Come to Me

By   •   March 21, 2009

A sea of faces–bright and eager–lined the bleachers and field at Charrua Stadium. More than 25,000 parents, children and youth groups packed the stands.

Clowns by the dozens mingled with kids waving national flags and cheering to fun, festive music. Colorful balloons waved in the warm breeze. Singer Marcos Vidal played Noah, complete with a full assortment of adorable animals.

Soon, a number of children took the stage, listening to “God” tell them about creation and warning them to avoid the path of disobedience and rebellion.

All of a sudden, the devil appeared, enticing the kids to “watch dirty programs, wear short skirts, drink beer and smoke.”

“You should grow up faster; here’s a gun,” the devil jeered. “It is good to deceive people and disobey your parents.”

Not too long after, “Jesus” came on stage, saying He will not accuse or punish the kids. He said he was there to rescue them. “I will die for you so you won’t be punished.”

After a demonstration of the death and resurrection of Jesus, Galo Vasquez, the Director of Latin American Ministries for BGEA, issued an invitation for the children to put their trust in Jesus.

“You can be rescued,” Galo explained. “You can become a child of God. God so loved the world, He died for our sins.”

Galo also said that Jesus told His followers, “Let the children come to me.” Many on this day in Montevideo heard and responded.

Carlos, 11, and Pablo, 9, both said they wanted Jesus to rescue them from the devil. “Jesus is cool!” Pablo exclaimed.

Some things remain the same across cultures!

Christmas in March
Not only does the BGEA host a children’s event at each Festival, at most international events (like this), a group of children receive shoe boxes that were collected during the Operation Christmas Child campaign.

Earlier this week, Franklin Graham and a group of volunteers visited the Body of Christ Church to distribute boxes to approximately 100 kids between the ages of 5 and 14.

Most are street kids, children who were abandoned, kids of single moms.

Check out this video:

Just like the thousands in Uruguay, you too can accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Follow the Steps to Peace and make sure your soul will be with God for eternity.

Pray right where you are! God will hear. And then let us know how we can pray for you.

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