Let the Children Come to Me

By   •   July 24, 2009

Along with several of her family members, Katelyn went through the exhibits. She didn’t say anything specifically about her experience, but she made it clear she was ready to commit her life to Jesus.

Jim Helms, volunteer at the Billy Graham Library, was on-hand to lead her in praying to receive Christ has her Lord and Savior.

“We get to meet so many people,” said Helms. “We’ve experienced a phenomenon with young kids to make their commitment to the Lord. I’ve seen several just in the past couple weeks.”

That’s not the only amazing thing, according to Helms.

“These children are not being prompted by their parents. It is obvious they have this desire to know Christ on their own. We have these commitment cards that they fill out so we can keep in touch with them after their decision. They hand their cards to us in a very tender, mannerly way. It’s really a very sweet experience.”

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For Helms and other volunteers, it’s a very holy, wonderful experience to pray with children to receive the Lord.

“When Jesus said, ‘Let the children come unto me,’ he wasn’t just talking about sitting around him and listening to His stories. He wanted them to come to Him in faith. They might be young, but their spirits are mature enough to come in belief.”

Right now through the end of August, the Billy Graham Library is hosting a special tribute to Ruth Bell Graham. Make plans to visit now!

During September and October, Library visitors can experience the the George Beverly Shea tribute. Since George Beverly Shea first sang for Billy Graham on the Chicago radio hymn program, “Songs in the Night,” in 1943, he has carried the Gospel in song to every continent and every state in the Union. He is the recipient of ten Grammy nominations, one Grammy Award (1965) and is a member of the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame (1978).

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