Knowing That You Know

By   •   February 27, 2009

In response to the recent ice storm that swept through Kentucky, the Rapid Response Team deployed to Madisonville. Chaplains visited the home of Jamie while Samaritan’s Purse worked clearing debris from her property.

Jamie was very appreciative of all the help she was receiving.

Chaplains found Jamie suffering from depression caused by pain from arthritis in her knees. She felt so over whelmed and hopeless by her condition, the ice storm, and changes on her job that required her to stand more often during her shift.

Jamie told the chaplains she just didn’t know what she was going to do about all the trees down in her yard knowing she was unable to clear the debris herself. When SP showed up to clear her yard she was excited to receive the help.

The chaplains asked Jamie if she had a relationship with the Lord, and she said she did once but was not sure now. She said she was unable to attend church and felt she had to do that to have that relationship.

After some conversation, chaplains asked Jamie if she would like to have the assurance the Lord still loved her and would be with her during her time of need. Jamie became emotional and asked the chaplains to pray with her.

Chaplains prayed and had Jamie repeat a prayer of forgiveness. Following the prayer Jamie felt much better knowing she would spend eternity with Christ. The chaplains visited the home of Jamie the following day as well to offer encouragement.

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