3 Stories of God’s Love on Display at the Billy Graham Library

By   •   October 26, 2017

Be encouraged by these three recent stories of how God is using the Billy Graham Library to reach people with the life-changing message of the Gospel.

‘I’ve Always Been Religious’

A woman named Evelyn and her 86-year-old mother were driving through Charlotte on their way home to Michigan at the end of a Florida vacation. They noticed a road sign with the words Billy Graham Library and made a spur-of-the-moment decision to exit the freeway and check it out.

The two women toured the historical exhibits and interactive galleries, with Evelyn pushing her mother in a wheelchair. The Good News of hope found only in Jesus Christ is woven into every part of the Library tour, and the women were deeply moved. In the final theater, they sat with other visitors to watch a giant-screen video of Billy Graham talking about God’s love. The video concludes with Franklin Graham inviting people to make a decision for Jesus Christ and, if they do, to speak to one of the prayer volunteers in the area just outside the theater exit.

But Evelyn’s mother couldn’t wait. The Holy Spirit had opened her mind to understand, and she was ready to do something about it. While the video was still playing, she turned to her daughter and asked to be wheeled forward to the front of the theater. “You want to go forward right now?” Evelyn asked. Her mother responded with a resounding “Yes!”

So Evelyn stood and pushed her mother to the foot of the screen, where in repentance and faith, she surrendered her life to the Savior Jesus Christ. Speaking with a prayer volunteer afterward, she explained simply: “I’ve always been religious, but today I realized that is not the same.”

Join us in asking God to continue drawing people to the Library each day who need encouragement and the power of the Gospel in their lives. We thank and praise Him for every life He changes.

Katia’s Lifelong Search

A Library volunteer named Jim stood praying silently for the people who were streaming out of the Just As I Am theater at the conclusion of their tour. Sensing a nudge from the Holy Spirit, he approached one particular couple and asked if they would like prayer. The woman, named Katia, nodded yes as tears began to roll down her cheeks. Jim invited her, along with her husband, into the nearby prayer room, where Katia poured out her story.

She was raised in a church that emphasized ritual and rules over teaching God’s Word. She often left church feeling insecure and empty. As the years passed, she began questioning whether faithfulness to the rituals was enough to serve the God who created the universe. Could she know she would go to heaven if she died? She found satisfaction from doing good, but never the contentment, fulfillment, or joy she longed for.

Recently the Lord brought Katia and her husband to Charlotte, and on this day they ended up visiting the Billy Graham Library. By the time they exited the final theater through the passageway of crosses, the Holy Spirit had spoken clearly to Katia’s willing and hungry heart. Weeping and almost unable to talk, Katia prayed for salvation through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. After a lifetime of trying to earn God’s favor by being good, Katia had finally met the Savior.

She told Jim, the prayer volunteer, that she now realized she had been searching for Jesus all her life. As Katia and her husband were making their way out, she could not contain her excitement and joy—she began telling everyone, including Library staff at the welcome desk, about the treasure she had just received.


It wasn’t especially obvious to people around her, but Jessica’s shoulders trembled as she watched videos of men and women sharing their testimonies of how Jesus Christ has redeemed their lives. It sounded so wonderful. She was visiting the Billy Graham Library with her friend and mentor, Lainee, who founded a ministry that provides safety and a healing atmosphere for women like Jessica who have been victims of sex trafficking. Jessica felt at that moment as though Someone was declaring in her heart that if these people could be redeemed, she could too. But she doubted Jesus Christ would ever want a personal relationship with someone like her.

After exploring more of the Library’s exhibits, the two women entered the final theater on the tour. Billy Graham was speaking on a wall-size screen, and his first words were: “Why not experience Christ? There are people here tonight that He’s spoken to, and you’re ready to leave without Him.” Jessica’s ears rang—Billy Graham seemed to be talking directly to her. “Whatever your race, whatever your religion, you need Jesus Christ in your life!” Jessica desperately wanted that, despite her overwhelming sense of shame and unworthiness.

Right then and there, she surrendered her heart to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Her whispered words no sooner left her lips than she felt a weight lift and the love of Jesus fill her.

Jessica was almost afraid to talk about what had just happened, so she did not stop to pray with the Library volunteers. But in the parking lot, she told Lainee. On a later visit, Lainee shared the story of Jessica’s transformed life with the Library staff. She reports now that Jessica continues to grow in faith, and the God who poured out His redemptive healing on Jessica has blessed her with a home and family.

Be part of what God is doing

We hear from Library guests almost daily about life-changing decisions made as a result of how God worked in their minds and hearts during their visit. Pray with us that God will touch many more.

The Library marked its 10th anniversary this summer. In that time we have welcomed more than a million visitors. We invite you to plan your own visit soon—or to come again and bring others with you.

Your financial gift helps keep admission to the Library free, enabling the ministry to reach thousands who otherwise might not visit.

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  1. Steve Cohn says:

    I am so moved in my heart hearing about these recent salvation testimonies of visitors to the Library museum. I have been there twice myself. It’s a 19-hour drive from where I live near Chicago.