How to Pray for Our Troops This Christmas

By   •   December 18, 2009

We asked chaplains at Fort Leonard Wood and Fort Bragg for ideas on how people can pray specifically for the military this Christmas and year-round. Please join us in lifting up the prayers they submitted.

At Christmas:

  • That soldiers will find peace and joy in the fact that God sent His son, Jesus to be our Savior, Redeemer and Shepherd.
  • That deployed military will reach out to one another during Christmas rather than recluse to themselves.
  • That Christian men and women will share their faith with their battle buddies.
  • That families of deployed military will know the peace, joy and love that God offers through Jesus.
  • For families to find reconciliation and forgiveness as they reunite after deployment.
  • For military and families grieving the loss of loved ones in combat.
  • Pray for wounded military recovering from traumatic injuries.

Pray that Soldiers will have Strength:

  • To become their best, carry out their tasks and complete the mission.
  • To make tough decisions, and command with morality and wisdom.
  • To serve others and set the example, demonstrating American virtues.

When our Service Members are:

  • Training: that they will have strength to develop and build themselves and their units.
  • Deployed and in harm’s way: that God will grant them strength to face the challenges before them (protection and safety).
  • Wounded and recovering: that God will help them to rebuild, find purpose, accept their situation, and love themselves as they are.
  • Returning home: that they will be able to forgive (post traumatic stress disorders).
  • Reintegrating with family: that they will have the strength to live with value, loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage.

For Military Families:

  • That God will help soldiers to lead and nurture their families as spouses and parents.
  • That they will rely on God’s protection and safety, both at home and when deployed.
  • That God will help them face the challenges before them – separation and hardship.
  • That families will accept returning wounded warriors who may have traumatic brain injuries, disfigurement and dismemberment.

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FEATURED VIDEO: Don’t miss this very touching segment featuring the children of military men and women! (Top left of page.)

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  1. Phyllis Carvalho says:

    I recently read a book titled “Navy Seal Dogs” while it is mostly about the Navy Seal teams and their canine warriors it reflects on all military and had quite a bit of true accounts of battle field conditions. Reading the testimonies gave me a greater compassion for the military serving us so we can have and enjoy the freedom to worship. I would encourage anyone who feels led to also pray for the ” canines and their handlers” who are truly saving many lives and making a difference. God Bless your ministry.

  2. Sharon Hill says:

    Thank you for this ministry

  3. Marilyn says:

    I pray and everyone pray for our military but also the Christians in the service that are being discriminated against by our government. They are not allowing Christians their freedom of their faith.

  4. Maria says:

    Love to read Billy Graham and he is a good man

  5. Sylvia Villarreal-Foyt says:

    I was looking for prayers for our troops Thank you

  6. David Miller says:

    Thank you for this exhortation. I believe nothing is more important than that the Church be faithful in praying. At the same time, probably nothing is more difficult in the “long obedience.” We need this encouragement!

  7. Maureen Christian says:

    I am grateful to our men and women who are serving.

  8. Kathleen says:

    I’ve served in the Armed Forces for over 25 yrs. Our Brave Men & Women who wake up everyday around the World to protect America, its Citizens, our Interests Abroad, & Freedoms is gratefully appreciated! With the tools provided, I’m able to Pray for our Troops whom Sacrifice their Lives everyday for our Freedoms we enjoy today. God Bless America!

  9. Marc says:

    Thank you very much! Extremely helpful. 🙂

  10. Sara Jane Morris says:

    I want to express my gratitude to each and every Service man and woman who serve now or have ever been a part of the military. At times I can`t even comprehend their courage and willingness to defend our country and especially want to thank the families and let them know will be praying more fervently daily for their comfort and strength and safety for their family members.