How to Pray for BGEA in 2011

By   •   December 28, 2010

There is a very important way you can be involved in the work of the Gospel through BGEA in 2011, and that is through prayer. Below, we have shared specific prayer requests from the ministries within BGEA for this new year.

We thank you in advance for partnering with us through intercession.

Crusades and Festivals:

  • Pray for the upcoming Festival of Hope in Haiti January 8-9. Although there are many obstacles facing us in Haiti, we continue to hear pleas from the pastors for us to come and share our message of hope in the Lord.
  • Pray for our first ever Hispanic Festival in Los Angeles June 24-26. Our team is working to make the event one that will especially bring focus to this group of individuals.
  • Pray for the Liberia Festival of Hope March 25-27. Pray with us that God will use the time leading up to this Festival to bring churches together so that they may have an impact for Christ like never before.

My Hope World Evangelism Through Television:

  • Pray that thousands of Matthew Hosts across the countries will reach out to friends, family and neighbors.
  • Pray that those who attend the broadcasts of the programs will respond by placing their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • Pray for the follow up by the churches to disciple all new believers to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that the coordinators will be able to gather a full report of all people who respond to the invitation to follow Christ from all across the country, and that national leaders and pastors will be encouraged to plan for more evangelistic outreaches.

Rapid Response Team (RRT):

  • Pray for the chaplain coordinators as they continue to provide on-the-ground ministry in Haiti alongside of Samaritan’s Purse and to those places where disaster will strike in 2011.
  • Pray for the churches and participants that will be attending upcoming RRT trainings. Also, pray that God will be honored in all ways through the new doors that He is opening in the disaster community at state and federal levels.
  • Pray for the logistics and office team that allows RRT to function so well. Also pray for the leadership.
  • Pray for new chaplains in the right locations around the country. Pray that they will meet the training needs quickly, so they are ready to meet regional needs as they occur.
  • Pray for those in the midst of crisis in our nation and ask God to send His Church in response.
  • Pray for the chaplains, who selflessly give themselves to others who are in need. Pray for their safety and encouragement to share the love and hope of God.

Dare to be a Daniel:

  • Pray that we’ll proceed where the Lord would have us to go, especially with international doors opening for us.
  • Pray for a great movement to develop among Christian camps across the country as we challenge them to equip their campers to share the Gospel with their friends after they’ve left the camp. We want camps and churches that do their own camps to use Dare to be a Daniel as their training material this coming season.
  • Pray for the development of effective tools and videos to help Daniels share the Gospel with their friends.
  • Pray for the team and its director as they travel to equip and challenge youth pastors and children’s workers to make disciples for the sake of the Kingdom of God–raising up the next generation of evangelists.
  • Pray for these kids that have completed the training. Pray for boldness and courage and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel.

Decision Magazine:

  • Pray that authors will have wisdom in communicating the truth of God’s Word.
  • Pray that the articles will be exactly what God wants and will glorify Him.

The Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove:

  • Pray for all of the staff at The Billy Graham Training Center. Pray they will seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6: 33).
  • Pray for everyone who enters the property in 2011. Pray they will immediately feel joy in the presence of the Lord. (Acts 2: 28).
  • Pray for all guests, participants and visitors to practically apprehend and effectively live out the mission of The Cove; “Training people in God’s Word to win others to Christ” (Ephesians 4:12, 2 Timothy 2:2).
  • Pray that all Cove speakers will be led by God in their preparation to share the Truth (John 14:6).
  • Pray that the “Seeds of The Gospel” that begin at The Cove would disseminate throughout the world (Matthew 28: 19-20).

Billy Graham Library:

  • Pray that lives will be continually transformed by the power of the Gospel as they walk through the building and grounds.
  • Pray that God will bless us with the resources necessary to minister to those who walk through our doors each day.

Radio Ministries:

  • Pray that we will clearly communicate the news of Jesus Christ through to those who don’t think they have any need for Him, and to reach them right where they are.
  • Pray for partnerships that multiply influence for the Lord’s work.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance in pursuit of audio opportunities that will change lives.

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  1. Tab'itha says:

    Grace Be With You As You Plant The Seeds Our Father Will Water. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lamb Of God, Jesus Christ. The Giant is Rising From The Soil Where He Planted The Seed On This Mighty Soil. Stand Up For Our Father God who is the Great I Am! Jehovah ! A`ba ! Hear Us Now Father God. One Nation Under God. Blessed Be The Lord God in All His Splendor and Glory ! FOREVER HE REIGNS AMEN

  2. juvy says:

    How to pray a sinners prayer.

  3. Sriyani says:

    Demetrius, Jesus said, 'be it unto you according to your faith'. I hope all is well by now. Our Father knows the best and His best is for you.

  4. fem says:

    Hi, I pray that God help you through your pregnancy and your baby is born safe. God help everyone round him, we are his children and he loves us.

  5. Stan says:

    I've been looking and praying for opportunities to volunteer and help in a BGEA ministry endeavor, but still have not seen this come to fruition personally. I would be willing to serve if I could figure out how to get plugged in to one or more of the upcoming opportunities this year. I only speak English, but I do have a passport and would travel if I had time to make arrangements. Be blessed. In Christ. Stan

  6. jack says:

    BGEA excellent soil.

  7. mani ratna raj says:

    Pray for my ministry in India.

  8. DEMETRIUS says:

    I am 3 weeks pregnant and my HCG levels are rising slowly. Doctors are telling me that this may not be a good pregnancy and that I may loose the baby. I am standing on the promise of God that he will allow me to carry these babies to term and that my levels rise by my next appointment this Friday to the levels that they suppose to be. They said that it would take a miracle and I know that my Father specialize in miracles. Please pray that God touch my womb and bring life to it so that I can deliver these babies in the name of Jesus.