How My Hope Changed Hearts in Southern California Hills

By   •   November 5, 2013


All eyes have been focused on Nov. 7-10, when a new message from Billy Graham airs nationwide on Fox News, TBN and on network TV in all 50 states.

But days, even weeks, before the culmination of nearly two years of planning this nationwide outreach, God has already been using My Hope with Billy Graham to reach America.

On a 32-foot inflatable screen on a baseball field in the hills near San Diego, a showing of Defining Moments on Oct. 27 turned into defining moments for the the nearly 200 in attendance, including some 25 who responded to an invitation to receive Christ that night.

“Joy is something that comes from the inside and no one can take it away from you,” said Jeff Mendenhall, who gave his testimony, along with his wife Carrie Mendenhall in San Elijo Hills, Calif. “And joy is what my wife and I found in the person of Jesus Christ. It changed our lives completely.”

This “Night of Hope,” was so much more than a video showing, according to Carrie.

There was a heroin addict with a suicidal spirit who accepted Christ for the first time. There was a 16-year-old boy who rededicated his life. There was an elderly woman who came late without a chair and was sitting on wet grass, but after a stranger shared her blanket, she later went forward to give her heart to the Lord.

But this was also a time of revival for those hosting the event.

“We really have seen how God has changed all of us through working on this My Hope San Elijo Hills outreach,” Carrie said.

What started as a vision in the early morning hours of Oct. 1 caught fire quickly, as a passion grew to reach San Elijo Hills, Calif., for Christ.

A neighbor, Cynthia Allred, was first on board, and offered to fund much of the event and help get the word out. And did it ever. There was Mike Mendoza, the sound guy; Steve Ybarra and Carlos Gonzalez the musicians; and Bryan Jennings, the former pro surfer who came and shared his testimony. It all came together, including Jeff and Todd Myers hanging 2,000 invites via door hangers, designed for free by Michael Yee.

“It is so amazing how the Holy Spirit poured out that night on us all at the baseball field,” Carrie said.

The event also served to encourage the community to use My Hope America to reach their friends and family for Christ. It’s still not too late. To find out how, click on

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  1. Dee says:

    Jesus has to be comming soon. All the sings are pointing to His return. The earth is so full it can't handle what we are doing to it. Our economies are falling apart. Accept the Lord now. You:re going to need his love and support more than ever.

  2. Bev says:

    Holy Spirit “RULE IN THE HEARTS OF ALL WHO HEAR THIS MESSAGE! “CHANGE THE USA! Bring us back to YOU!Pour out your Spirit on Billy in a HUGE way!

  3. Kathleen says:

    So thankful for the LOVE of JESUS!

  4. virginia says:

    i thought i was going to watch it live,not a film. ive waited a long time to see and hear him again.thank you billy for giving me the boost i need.and pray for my father who hasnt long to live,,he says he doesnt believe in god.i will ask him to watch

  5. Christina says:

    Billy Graham has been the guiding light of my life. I am very ill and know he could help me.

  6. Susan says: forward to this but would you post what time this will start on nov 7

  7. carmen from manila says:

    how can we watch my HOPE live in Manila?

  8. luz says:

    Praise the Lord, this is what Amerca needs now -an Spiritual awakening. Jesus is the only way this nation will be great again. Praying for this Billy Graham's revival message of hope to all the people of America !

  9. Cheryl says:

    Looking forward to Rev. Graham's sermon to America. Praying for our country to turn to God!

  10. Rafael says:

    Awesome ideas