Hope in the Darkness

By   •   January 29, 2010

Rapid Response Team (RRT) chaplains, who are housed at the Baptist Haiti Mission Hospital compound outside of Port-au-Prince, are busy providing encouragement and ministry to patients. The chaplains have had the opportunity to pray individually, with many of the patients.

Let’s meet some people who have been ministered to by the RRT:


One of the new patients is Tonise, age 25. Tonise was at her job as a supervisor in a clothing shipping business near the port when the earthquake hit. She was on the third story of the building when it began to collapse. She and two others made a quick decision to jump into the elevator, which saved their lives. Unfortunately, many people died in the building.

After waiting two hours, Tonise and the other two were pulled out alive. Tonise has a broken leg. Her cousin and her sister were with her at her bedside when a RRT chaplain visited her. The chaplain learned that Tonise’s uncle and another cousin died when their home collapsed. Thankfully, Tonise, her sister and her cousin already knew Christ as their Lord and Savior, and they were very thankful for the prayer and encouragement they received.

Louimane and Rose

RRT chaplains approached 59-year-old Louimane, and her 22-year-old daughter, Rose, at Louimane’s hospital bed. The lower portion of Louimane’s left leg was broken by falling debris from her now-destroyed home during the earthquake. When the chaplain asked if either had ever invited Jesus Christ into their heart to be their Lord and Savior, Rose responded, “No, but I’ve been waiting for this, and I want to!” With no hesitation, her mother also said that she never had invited Christ into her heart, and that she to was ready. Then, the mother and daughter prayed to receive Christ together.

After a few more words of encouragement, the chaplain presented each of them with a Bible in Creole for them to keep. Within a half hour of the chaplains’ visit, Louimane was discharged from the hospital. The two women left with joyful hearts and thankfulness for Christ’s presence in their lives.

Peterson and Dorsey

When the earthquake hit, Peterson, age four and his brother, Dorsey, age one, were left in the care of a family friend by their mother. When the ground began to shake, the caregiver fled, leaving the two small boys alone in their home. The shaking caused the house to collapse, covering Peterson and Dorsey with cement block and debris. They stayed under the rubble all night, until they were dug out the next morning and taken to the Baptist Mission Hospital.

Dorsey had a swollen leg and minor skin abrasions, but Peterson’s lower left arm had been pinned under the cement for hours. Doctors determined that his lower arm could not be saved, and he has since had it amputated below the elbow. Both boys have been in the hospital together for nearly two weeks, with their mother’s cousin, Elsie, as their constant caregiver.

The RRT chaplains have befriended Elsie and the young boys. During their first visit, Elsie committed her life to Christ, and has since been reading the Bible they gave to her, on a daily basis. Peterson is doing much better, and on a beautiful afternoon, the Chaplains invited Elsie and the boys to visit the local zoo. They were fascinated by the animals, and seemed to really enjoy the outing. The chaplains say they were happy to bring joy to their new sister in Christ, since she has brought so much joy to them.

*Please pray for all of these people as they grow in their relationships with the Lord, physically heal, and grieve major losses in their lives.

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