Graham Family Trivia: Which U.S. President Owed Billy Graham $5?

By   •   February 2, 2018

BG and Nixon
Billy Graham with former President Richard Nixon in 1968.

For six weeks beginning June 25, we’re posting trivia questions about the Graham family as part of our summer email series. This is week three.

Read the trivia questions from week 1week 2week 4week 5 and week 6.

Q: Which U.S. president owed Billy Graham $5?

A: Richard Nixon
On May 28, 1970, President Nixon spoke during the opening of Billy Graham’s Crusade at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Later that night, Nixon realized he had no money in his wallet to give for the offering. Billy Graham slipped him several bills without anyone in the stadium noticing.

On Oct. 2, Billy received a letter from the White House, including a check for $5. Nixon wrote:
“A number of presidents have looked to you for spiritual sustenance over the years, but I suspect I was the first to hit you for a loan … I deeply appreciated the emergency financing which you quickly arranged for me that evening in Knoxville. I only wish that all the money problems that confront me could be handled that efficiently.”

Billy Graham never cashed the check that Nixon gave him. That same check can be found on display in the Billy Graham Library.

check from President Nixon
Visitors can see the original check from President Nixon inside a display case at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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  1. Patricia Lane says:

    Thank you Billy Graham for devoting your life to JESUS CHRIST and leading so many to God!

  2. Dennis Andrew Ball says:

    I am deeply touched to learn of your father’s genorisity! I can only imagine the rewards waiting for him in heaven! May God richly bless you and the ministry! Dennis Andrew Ball//s//Candidate POTUS

  3. Jimmy Gable says:

    Thank God for you Mr. Graham. I’m able to fully understand That Suffering is my lot in this life only by Grace I’m able to talk. What happened to America and when do you think the defining moment was for the Mother of Harlots mystery Babylon I have been waiting since 9/11/01! God Bless You

  4. Sascha Womack says:

    Like a beacon of light in an otherwise ever growing dark world…Thanks so much Billy Graham ministries. Turning the news on to catch up on world affairs has become far too depressing.

  5. Donald R ice says:

    Christ came to this earth to redeem us back to God and be an example for us of Christ like living. I have looked at my brother Billy Graham as an example of Christ like living for today. May the Lord of all continue His blessings on the Graham family ministry.

  6. Bonnie Jenkins says:

    What a wonderful man! (:

  7. Martha AnnNolen says:

    Thank you for standing for Biblical truth about marriage. We are praying for you as you take this stand. Sandy Plains Baptist of Gastonia stands behind you. God bless you.

    1. Dennis Andrew Ball says:

      We Must As A Christian Nation Affirm What God Says About us in His Word.
      This is our Standard by which ALL Things Are Judged!

  8. Gail Sikes says:

    I have really enjoyed this very much and I look forward to receiving it each month. May God Bless you in your ministry. Our nation really does need to turn back to God. I hope that your Father is doing better now.

  9. Rick Hawkins says:

    I guess I am like many that grew up with Billy Graham a part of My Walk with God. For it was at a Billy Graham Crusade that I found My Heavenly Father and I can not say how thankful for that very special time. God Bless The Work of Billy Graham and as It Contiunes Though The Graham Family.

  10. Dean Gates says:

    If I send you a check, will you cash it???