Graham Family Trivia: What Fish Did Billy Graham Face in a Swimming Pool?

By   •   July 22, 2015

Billy Graham with fish
Billy Graham liked to go fishing ... but didn't necessarily want fish coming after him. He experienced the latter in a swimming pool one day, years after this photo was taken.

For six weeks beginning June 25, we’re posting trivia questions about the Graham family as part of our summer email series. This is week five.

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Q: What kind of fish did Billy Graham once face in a swimming pool?

A: A barracuda.
Billy Graham, at the age of 66, decided to go swimming with his son-in-law. He stiffly climbed down the ladder into the pool, saying, “I’m getting old.” His wife, Ruth Bell Graham, sat on the upper deck with their daughter, Gigi, who was pregnant with their 16th grandchild. They watched the two men swim and float around leisurely in the water. All of a sudden, Mrs. Graham saw a long, thin shadow moving swiftly in the water toward the swimmers. She shouted, “Bill! There’s a barracuda!” In no time at all, Billy was up the ladder. Ruth claimed, “He lost 50 years in one second!”

– Paraphrased from Legacy of a Pack Rat by Ruth Bell Graham


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  1. donna cicale says:

    I heard about the story that Billy Graham told of the man in Kenya who’s wife was a Christian and he despised her for that and wanted to pick a fight with her so he could kill her. So he threw his keys over a bridge and God sent a large fish that swallowed them. He came home drunk and tried to start a fight, he said where are my keys woman, she had bought a large Nile perch from the market and inside it was the keys. She cleaned them up and hung them on the key hook. She calmly handed the keys to her husband after his tantrum, he was speechless, but got down on his knees and begged for forgiveness. Where can I find this story? I would love to show it to my husband. Donna

  2. Sharon Henley says:

    I’m glad to have the opportunity to thank your whole family for the blessed example of true Christianity you display. I’ve read some of Rev Graham’s books, Ruth’s poetry, Anne’s truly anointed articles and study books. I just read “Magnificent Obsession” after going through some very trying times, and it so blessed my life and pointed me right back to my foundational beliefs in an awesome way. I pray someday I’ll be able to attend The Cove. I was close once while visiting my grandson in Louisiana. I wanted to drive there, but my children didn’t think I should by myself – I’m sorry I listened to them! Perhaps one day I’ll attend and share my amazing story of how God got hold of this rebellious woman & changed my life! God bless you!

  3. Paul says:

    It wasn’t explained what a barracuda was doing in the swimming pool

  4. Maria says:

    Sometimes we put famous Godly people on a pedal stool, so I like these trivial questions. I can picture brother Graham just climbing that ladder so fast it’s funny. The Graham family is such an awesome blessing to people all over the world!! We love you!!

  5. Keller Linne' says:

    That shows that he is as human as we all are.

  6. April Ogden says:

    I just want to know how a barracuda got into a swimming pool?!?! 🙂

  7. Linda Wolfe says:

    The pictures and memories you share always bring a blessing to me. Thank you so much.

  8. Steve Combest says:

    Great story. Keep them coming.

  9. Carol Carr says:

    Thank you for all you do in Christ’s name.