Graham Family Trivia: What Fish Did Billy Graham Face in a Swimming Pool?

By   •   July 22, 2015

Billy Graham with fish
Billy Graham liked to go fishing ... but didn't necessarily want fish coming after him. He experienced the latter in a swimming pool one day, years after this photo was taken.

For six weeks beginning June 25, we’re posting trivia questions about the Graham family as part of our summer email series. This is week five.

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Q: What kind of fish did Billy Graham once face in a swimming pool?

A: A barracuda.
Billy Graham, at the age of 66, decided to go swimming with his son-in-law. He stiffly climbed down the ladder into the pool, saying, “I’m getting old.” His wife, Ruth Bell Graham, sat on the upper deck with their daughter, Gigi, who was pregnant with their 16th grandchild. They watched the two men swim and float around leisurely in the water. All of a sudden, Mrs. Graham saw a long, thin shadow moving swiftly in the water toward the swimmers. She shouted, “Bill! There’s a barracuda!” In no time at all, Billy was up the ladder. Ruth claimed, “He lost 50 years in one second!”

– Paraphrased from Legacy of a Pack Rat by Ruth Bell Graham