Where Is God When Terrorism Happens? Billy Graham’s Answer

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With so many tragic events commanding news headlines, it can seem like evil is wrapping its dark fingers around the globe.

So where is God?

Here’s what Billy Graham has to say:

Q.  Where is God in the midst of terrorism? Just look at all the wars in the world, or all the other terrible things that happen. They sure don’t point to a loving God.

A. If we only look at the bad things in the world, we might conclude God doesn’t care about us. But what do these wars and other tragedies point to? They point us to another reality: the reality of human sin.
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Q. Is God really in control?

A. Evil is real, and this world is often attacked by spiritual forces that are not from God but from Satan. Their authority is limited and temporary, but it is nevertheless real, and we see it on every hand.
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Q. Why is there so much violence in the world? 

A. If a vote were taken across the world today almost everyone would say they want peace—yet everywhere we look we see hatred and conflict and war. Our times are almost like those of Isaiah’s day: “the envoys of peace weep bitterly.”
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Q. Will wars ever cease?

A. We should encourage every effort to bring peace to our world, and the Bible certainly urges us to pray for peace and support those who work for peace.
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Q. The only thing religion has done for the human race is cause war and conflict. How do you explain that, if religion is true?

A. I can understand your confusion because, unfortunately, religion often has been a source of conflict between peoples and nations, even to this day. However, instead of making you turn away from God, this ought to make you more determined to find Him.
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Q. How do you raise up godly children in light of evil?

A. Many parents do not realize that they are responsible for their children’s mental and spiritual growth and character building, as well as for feeding and clothing them. If parents fail, God is going to hold them responsible.
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Peace can be hard to find in a spiraling world. But it is possible with God.