Fruit From Seeds of the Gospel Spring Forth in Haiti

By   •   January 7, 2011

Comfort in Loss

At the Bercy cholera clinic, a three-year-old girl died during the early morning hours soon after her arrival. Two Haitian pastors at the clinic requested that the chaplains escort them to the home of the little girl. Chaplains found the young mother lying on a concrete porch floor wailing in grief. About 35 family, neighbors and friends were in the courtyard grieving with the mother.

The RRT chaplains told the mother that they could not explain why death comes early to some, but the love of Jesus could comfort her. The grieving mother quieted as the plan of Salvation was explained to her. She said she had never asked Jesus to come into her heart. The chaplains explained that God understands how she feels right now. He watched Jesus, His Son, die on the cross for all our sins. They continued talking to her, explaining that she could pray to ask Jesus to forgive her of her sins and invite Him into her heart.

This mother prayed this prayer and then everyone in the courtyard, who had been listening intently, was asked if anyone else prayed that prayer today for the first time. Eleven hands went up in addition to the mother. Even in grief there is an unexplainable joy in giving our burdens to the Lord.

Reaping What Was Sown

In the spring of 2010 two RRT chaplains were assigned a Haitian translator, named Gilbert, to assist them in their ministry. Over the next weeks and months, Gilbert went on many missions with the chaplains since the earthquake in Haiti.

He would often talk to the chaplains about his family, and even asked if they could help his father get a job with Samaritan’s Purse. The chaplains explained the hiring process and the need to present the request to God through prayer and trust Him for the results. Gilbert shared that his father was not a believer, and the chaplains prayed with him for his father’s Salvation and his employment need over several months. Gilbert shared the Gospel with his Dad at home but he was not interested.

Recently, the chaplains had given the morning devotion at the Samaritan’s Purse compound. On that day, Gilbert’s father’s heart was stirred and he made his way to the podium to publicly receive Christ. Gilbert and his father asked the chaplains to lead him in prayer as he asked Jesus to forgive his sin and be his Savior.

The Calm of the Holy Spirit

Two RRT chaplains were ministering at the Samaritan’s Purse Cite Soleil cholera treatment center when one of the Samaritan’s Purse nurses pointed out a woman holding a lethargic baby who had an IV in her tiny arm.

The nurse indicated that the baby had been sobbing for nearly two days. As the frustrated woman gently shook the baby, the chaplains introduced themselves and asked if it was her baby. She said her name was Day and that it was her sister’s baby. She went on to say that she was watching the baby until her sister returned from an errand.

As the baby continued to cry, the chaplains reached out to pray for the baby. Noticing Day’s tired and hopeless face, however, they asked her, “Do you have Jesus in your heart?” She replied, “No. I’m waiting for you to tell me.”

Surprised by her answer, the chaplains told her about the love of Jesus, and how He came to set us free from sin. They shared the Gospel message with Day, and asked if she would like to receive Jesus into her heart. Day answered, “Very much so!”

Bowing to lead her in prayer, the chaplain noticed that the baby was now quiet. As Day repeated the prayer, calm came over both of them, and afterward Day laid her sleeping niece on the bed. The chaplains gave Day some spiritual growth literature and urged her to share what God had done for her and the baby with her sister.

When the chaplains returned the next day, the baby was awake and smiling. Day’s sister was there, and she said that Day shared with her what had happened. She also wanted to hear more about Jesus, and later received Christ as her Lord and Savior.

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