Friday Roundup: Seeds Planted, Prayers Answered From Coast to Coast

By   •   November 8, 2013

Praying in church

Inside Rock ChurchProvo, Utah — About 70 people attended the regular Friday night service at the Rock Church in Provo, Utah, and among the handful of new visitors, two people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Savior after listening to Billy Graham’s message titled “The Cross.” At the same time, spiritual seeds were planted in the hearts of others, including among some people who are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One young adult with a Mormon background, who just turned 20, came to the service after being invited by a Christian friend and told her afterward that for the first time in his life he understood the meaning of Christ’s death on the cross, that He died and shed His blood for his sins. “God is clearly at work in a lot of hearts, and seeds were planted tonight,” said Pastor Steve McInroy. “That encourages me.”

Rochester, N.Y. — Brian and his family showed “The Cross” in their home. The attendance exceeded their expectations, and they had to bring in extra chairs from other rooms in the house. By the end of the night, two new believers were sitting in their house. “Praise God! We are planning on another showing,” he said. “Pray for us here in Rochester.”

At WheatonWheaton Bible Church, Ill. — Some 250 single adults gathered for an evening with non-Christian friends to have dinner and watch “Defining Moments,” the first of three My Hope films. Each dinner table had someone to pray with or answer questions.

Missouri — A pastor who held a My Hope event at his church saw 10 people rededicate their lives to Christ and three people make a first-time decision to follow Him. Those three people were the pastor’s children.

North Carolina — On Nov. 3, 125 women at a correctional facility watched “Defining Moments.” Four gave their lives to Christ, and 22 made rededications.

Pennsylvania — Peggy gave her life to Christ 53 years ago, but after watching “The Cross,” she rededicated her life to Him.

Whitney Point, N.Y. — One host had 10 people in his home, and no one left without some sort of response. One began a new life in Christ, and the nine others rededicated their lives to Him.

Alabama — Christie watched “The Cross” on FOX News. She’s had a lot of hatred toward her child’s father, but said after the program, “I just want my heart to be healed.”

Spartanburg, S.C. — Billy Graham’s home church held My Hope events throughout the week and saw at least 74 decisions for Christ. Events were held in home groups, in the youth group, in the ladies’ craft groups, in nursing home groups, with the homeless outreach and at sport events. Nearly 1,000 people saw a My Hope program.

Watching film in living roomHemet, Calif. — Darilyn Dierickx hosted 10 friends and family members Friday night for a meal and viewing of “The Cross.” She was especially praying for Mark, who prayed the prayer of salvation with Billy Graham and eagerly took the My Hope discipleship materials. He said he actually received Jesus years earlier but that he has much to learn. He said he is hungry to grow closer to God. Darilyn and pastors at her church stand ready to help walk alongside him in the discipleship process that gained momentum by her faithfulness to serve as a Matthew hostess.

Terre Haute, Ind. — Honnalora Hubbard, a My Hope coordinator, visited her home church with more than 100 people in attendance at a My Hope event. “As Billy Graham led the sinner’s prayer, the sanctuary that normally holds 1400 people seemed to change,” she said. “It had felt large and we seemed like a small group. … But when the sounds of those voices rose together following Billy Graham as he led them to Christ, the sound filled the sanctuary and turned it into a beautiful and intimate setting. Many came to Christ for the first time.” One of those was a lifelong friend. Honnalora said, “I cried as I heard her voice mixed with the sound of all of the others accepting Christ.”

North Carolina — James and a friend invited four young men to Dunkin’ Donuts to watch “Defining Moments,” a My Hope program. James shared his testimony, and two of the men accepted Christ. The men wanted to share the video with their friends.

Georgia — Rachel had chills while watching “The Cross.” She has been struggling lately, but said, “with Jesus Christ, my family and I will be OK.”

Aspermont, Texas — A pastor at New Macedonia Baptist Church opened his home on Thursday to show “The Cross.” He said, “There were so many people, plus kids, in our living room we had to bring in extra chairs for the viewing.” Two people prayed a prayer of salvation with Billy Graham at the end. One of them wants his friend to see the film, so the pastor said he will show it again soon.

Greensboro, N.C. — On Halloween, a man played “Defining Moments” from a widescreen TV on his front porch for trick-or-treaters. He handed out cards with the web address to watch “Defining Moments” online. He also held a party to watch “The Cross” at his home.

Akron, Ohio — A pastor showed “Defining Moments” at a rescue mission. Nine people were saved and 11 rededicated their lives to Christ. Many of the people are homeless. The pastor will use BGEA’s Living in Christ Bible study to disciple them.

New Mexico — Valencia’s family watched “The Cross” together and ended up praying for salvation at the end.

Louisiana — The director of evangelism for a Louisiana denomination has been reaching out to the mayor of a small Cajun town. The mayor allowed him to hold a party for city employees and show “The Cross.” Three employees decided to follow Christ. The man hopes to show it again.