Fraser Valley Rocked!

By   •   August 17, 2010

Read about efforts leading up to Rock the River and stories from the Fraser Valley event. Check out the box to the left to find photo galleries and videos!

‘If It’s Part of His Plan, Then Let it Rain!’
Although the music has faded and the field is drying at Millennium Park, the impact from Rock the River West in Fraser Valley has just begun to ripple through this string of communities that surround the city of Vancouver.
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Fighting for the Souls of Canada’s Youth
As Franklin Graham preaches the Gospel across Western Canada this month, his heart will be full of compassion for the lost. He’ll also feel a stirring in his self-described fighting spirit. “I am a fighter,” says Graham. “I am going to fight for every soul that I can. I am going to fight for every kid that I can.”
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Thousands Brave Rain for Reign of Grace
Close to 8,000 people came out in spite of steady rain to hear amazing music and a life-saving message from Franklin Graham on Aug. 7. Four hundred sixty six young people either accepted Christ or recommitted their lives to Him that day. Brett, a 24-year old from Langley, is just one story. He became a Christian a year ago, but had a hard time living the Christian life. So when Franklin Graham issued the invitation, he recommitted his life to Christ.
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Excitement Fills the Air in Fraser Valley
On of the eve of Rock the River in Fraser Valley, Geoff Stewart says he is “excited about what God is going to do tomorrow, but I am most excited about the legacy, about what this event will leave behind. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with it.” The youth pastor of Peace Portal Alliance Church got his students involved with FM419, an event that teaches young people how to share their faith. “There are now that many more students who are equipped with the Gospel and who know how to share it.”
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Starfield: Reaching ‘The Hurting Generation’
“When we talk about My Generation,” says Tim Neufeld, “it’s the generation of those that are hurting–less of a demographic thing and more of a spiritual thing.” The lead singer, guitarist and co-founder of Starfield isn’t referring to the classic Who anthem. Neufeld instead is talking about a track on his band’s Beauty in the Broken CD. And, in a sense, he is referring to the audience that will be attending three different Rock the River events across Canada this summer.
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The Light of Christ for Canada’s Youth
Phil Callaway has three teenagers and is editor of Servant magazine at Prairie Bible Institute, a Christian college in Alberta, Canada. Decision asked him to write from this vantage point about why Rock the River comes at a crucial time for Canada’s next generation.
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Being His Hands and Feet
The Rock the River Tour West, a high-energy music tour that is a part of the Franklin Graham Festivals, will be heading to Canada in August. When any kind of Franklin Graham Festival comes to a city, it doesn’t just “show up.” There is much prayer, planning and preparation. Part of that preparation means priming a city for the Gospel. Thousands of people have done that through Community Action Projects.
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Josh Havens of The Afters Talks Rock the River
Although springtime in Canada may still be a little chilly by southern U.S. standards, a few cities north of the border are heating up fast in preparation for Rock the River Tour-West. In Vancouver, for example, popular artists The Afters rocked out this past weekend at FM419, an event that trains youth to share their faith with friends–months in advance of this summer’s Rock the River tour.
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Reaching Canadian Youth for Christ
As the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association gears up for this summer’s Rock the River Tour – West, they are preparing for spiritual harvest. Read below to find out how Canadian youth are getting down to the basics of what they believe, finding power to live what they say, and learning how to share their faith with others through FM419 evangelism training.
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