Franklin Graham on Using the Internet for Good

By   •   November 28, 2017

See what Internet Evangelism is doing to help take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and how you can be a part of it this Giving Tuesday.

This Giving Tuesday, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is highlighting its Internet Evangelism ministry Search for Jesus (SFJ). Every day, millions of hurting people are searching for answers online. Facing issues like depression, loneliness, rejection, abuse, loss and more—they’re desperate for hope. BGEA’s online ministry is meeting people in their moment of need with the hope of Jesus Christ.

In his August prayer letter to supporters, Franklin Graham highlighted the work that SFJ’s evangelistic site,, is doing to reach people online who we may never reach in person. Read his words below:

The internet is a tool for both good and bad—and we thank God that He is using it to take His Gospel faster and farther than ever before. The Bible tells us of a time when people in every nation will hear about Jesus Christ. We see how this can happen with people using the internet in virtually every place on earth. We praise God that millions have explored the message of the Gospel online through our website.

This site is part of our Search for Jesus ministry, which God is using to reach people from more than 220 countries and territories—many more than the United Nations has members. Often they live in places where the Gospel cannot be shared openly. Nearly a thousand people a day invite us to follow up with them individually to answer questions, to pray with them in making a decision for Christ, or to provide one-on-one discipleship. Our team of disciplers strongly encourages new believers to become active in a local church, wherever possible.

Every hour of every day, 365 days a year, people from across the country and around the world let us know they have just prayed to receive Jesus Christ in repentance and faith. We thank God for this harvest of souls. 

Give today. Just $7 helps reach 50 people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


A 21-year-old man from a predominantly Muslim nation recently found our Search for Jesus site and asked to be connected with one of our team of 600 trained, online discipleship counselors. “I want to know more about Christianity. Will you help me?” he typed, apologizing for his limited knowledge of English.

“I studied about all religions a little bit,” he went on to explain. “No one [else] has sacrificed life for their people. That’s why I love Jesus.”

He said that there are churches in his country, but the government prohibits Muslims from openly visiting one. Determined to find out more about the Savior who died for his sins, he had turned to the internet, and God led him to our website. The counselor welcomed him and explained that God loves him, that He sent His Son to die on the cross in his place, and that He rose again from the grave. When he heard that Jesus would come and live in his heart today if he asked Him, the man gladly surrendered his life to Christ. He was thrilled when the volunteer showed him how to find and read the Bible on the internet in his own language.

Each person who makes a commitment to Jesus Christ on our website is invited to sign up for our free, online discipleship course and is personally guided through the study by one of our online mentors. The most recent 1,700 people who signed up for this course live in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Poland, Namibia, India, Tonga, and 34 other countries, including the U.S.

Right now our Search for Jesus ministry operates websites in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, three of the internet’s top five languages. We have been asking God to enable us to share the Gospel in all five of the most used languages, and we thank Him that recently a friend of our ministry provided generous funding to develop websites in Arabic and Chinese. 

Pray also for the people God is daily drawing to Himself through our Search for Jesus ministry. To God be the glory for the many lives He is transforming all across the globe!

We rely on your prayers and gifts as we minister. Thank you for all you do in His service.