Franklin Graham: ‘The Nations Need to Look to God’

By   •   May 29, 2009   •   Topics:

Whether he was asked about his message to Estonians or how to help youth, Franklin emphasized the Gospel and power of Jesus.

“This is not my message,” Franklin said. “This is God’s message for all people. … It is not my father’s Gospel. It is God’s Gospel.”

When asked about the global financial crisis, Franklin pointed out we are in era of globalization that did not exist 25 years ago. During his visit to Estonia with his father, Billy, in 1984, even the Internet did not exist.

But the heart of the financial crisis in this global age is really a moral crisis, he explained. Learn more in this video:

Franklin said, when asked how to help youth, that he realizes young people are searching for meaning and purpose. They are looking for someone to follow.

“I want young people to know they can find meaning in God. I want them to know they can have hope and new life in Christ.

“I will invite them every night to ask God to forgive their sins,” he added. “I will invite them to find new life in Christ.”

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