Franklin Graham Statement on World Vision Reversal

By   •   March 28, 2014


World Vision has reversed their decision to employ individuals who are in same-sex marriages, after an onslaught of negative reaction.

In our country today, there is tremendous pressure on Christians, churches, and Christian organizations to lower our moral standards.

God is clear in His Word, and His standards never change. I’m thankful that Christians across the country urged World Vision to reverse their decision, and prayed fervently that they would do so. Three cheers.

Franklin Graham Signature
Franklin Graham

President and CEO, Samaritan’s Purse
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

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  1. Deb Degraaf says:

    I totally agree with Franklin Graham’s statement

  2. Ces says:

    Thank you for staying true to Gods Word .

  3. Brenda Cameron says:

    Heartbreaking but not surprising. The falling away is upon us ,and sad as that is for those falling, it also is reason to rejoice because the end if this age and our redemption is nigh. Pray for the deceived!

  4. Drew says:

    Thank you Mr. Graham for consistently standing up for Biblical truth.

  5. Teresa says:

    All I can say is Lord Jesus come quickly… They will stand before the judgement seat of Christ for this action…

  6. Linda Dias says:

    So sorry to hear this as well. Not only the founder would be heartbroken but I know God is as well.

  7. Bonnie Meister says:

    That is so unreal it makes my heart heavy.

  8. Irene says:

    Thank you for your response to this very sad day in the life of World Vision. I also knew Dr. Bob Pierce, and he would be weeping and challenging the leadership for such a decision that goes against the Bible.

  9. Claire H. Goodwin says:

    Bob Pierce, the founder of World Vision wrote a book: Let My Heart Be Broken With The Things That Break The Heart of God. I think World Vision’s decision breaks God’s heart, and should break ours too.

  10. Betty Schwarz says:

    Thank you, Rev. Graham, for having the courage to stand up for the teachings of the Bible.