Franklin Graham Returns to Estonia with Message of Freedom

By Interview by Janet Chismar   •   May 27, 2009

“I was here close to 25 years ago with my father and at that time, it was under Russian rule, under Communism,” Franklin recalled during an interview.

“And the only place we could speak was inside a church. There was no freedom of religion. We could not go outside. There were more people trying to get in who couldn’t because of limited space.”

Now, said Franklin, to come back and see the nation free, to come back and see the church free, to come back and see how much has changed is special. “Now we the opportunity to preach the Gospel where just 25 years ago, you couldn’t do this. It was restricted, Christians were persecuted.”

Yet what has happened is that secularism and humanism have replaced Communism, Franklin explained. “People today don’t know God because of 50 years of atheistic government. People are searching, realizing that what they thought would replace Communism – worldly things – have not satisfied. There is emptiness in their lives but they don’t know why. So we are here to preach the freedom found in the Gospel.”

Learn more about Franklin’s heart for Estonia in this video:

“I think that the excitement today,” Franklin continued, “is that the churches are working together and cooperating – Baptists, Pentecostals and Lutherans – denominations that normally would not come together.

“They are doing this for one purpose and that is so the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ can be preached. They are hungry to see their fellow countrymen know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.”

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