Franklin Graham: ‘I Support My Friend Phil Robertson’

By   •   December 26, 2013

Franklin Graham

robertsonPhil Robertson’s desire is to see all men and women repent—that is to turn from their sin and follow Christ in obedience. Indeed, that’s his own story, as he freely shares. This is my desire too.

We live in a culture that openly supports and promotes sin against God. While Phil Robertson is not anyone’s judge—God is, and will judge all sin. Jesus Christ came to this earth to save sinners, which includes me.

I have appreciated the Robertson family’s commitment to biblical values, and that they have not backed down in a politically-correct world that is tolerant of everything except biblical standards and values. I pray that we would be a nation where we can disagree civilly while holding firm convictions.

I support my friend Phil Robertson.

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Franklin Graham

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  1. Don Hudelson says:

    The scripture says, ” you are either for me or against Me!” God has no fence riders. It’s time we as Americans, a so called Christian nation take a stand for Christ and righteousness. It’s time people take a firm stance for what us right.

  2. Mary Jean Van Deusen says:

    Evil is stealthy and sin masquerades as innocence. Mr. Robertson’s refusal to back down to a small but boisterous mockery is the perfect example of what we are all called to do for Christ. How do we do that and yet not judge? It’s a delicate balance indeed. We need to be on our knees across America for only God can really do the leading.

  3. Gina Bechtel-Hicks says:

    Amen. Love to all of US sinners but, hate the sin.