Franklin Graham Greets Budapest Media

By   •   May 31, 2012

Greeting a room full of journalists from Hungary and other Eastern European countries, Franklin Graham today explained the reason for his visit to Budapest: “We are here to preach God’s Gospel at the invitation of area churches.”

Recalling his visit to Hungary in the 1980s with his father, Graham noted that not only has the nation changed, but the world has as well. “We have great problems—economic problems, political problems—and no one seems to have the answer. And that’s because our problem is a spiritual problem.”

God created us, but sin has separated us from Him. The only way to be reconciled to God is through a relationship with Jesus Christ, said Graham.

Some 312 churches from various denominations have united to engage in this evangelistic outreach, which kicks off June 1 at Papp Laszlo Budapest Sport Arena for three nights.

The program will include a variety of musical guests, including a thousand-voice choir, opera performances, the Air Force Band, and worship from acts like Michael W. Smith and Casting Crowns.

“Everyone will find something to enjoy. But this isn’t a weekend event,” said Graham. “This effort took more than a year’s worth of work, planning and prayer. There has been a small army of people working behind the scenes.”

In response to questions from several journalists, Graham noted that the Festival is not driven by any particular denomination: “We are grateful for the support of all the churches. The Gospel isn’t for one creed or doctrine. We all have doctrinal differences but the need for the Gospel unites us.”

As he flew over Budapest on his arrival, said Graham, he began to pray: “I prayed that many lives will be changed this weekend. I cannot change lives but God can use His Word in a mighty way.

“We’re committed to preaching the truth as revealed in the Bible, and we proclaim the Gospel that changes hearts and saves souls for eternity.”

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