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By   •   January 11, 2011

Preparing the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ for the Gospel
Malawi is a southeastern African country cupped by Mozambique to its south, east and west, Zambia to its east, and Tanzania to its northeast. The geography is dominated by Lake Malawi, which spans the length of most of the country. It also has high plateaus and mountains.

The name Malawi means “warm heart of Africa” and you feel that warmth in everyone you meet.
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Looking for a Breakthrough
While some of the Malawi population is made up of professing Christians, there is an abundance of syncretism (combining different beliefs and or religions) and witchcraft, pockets of Muslims and even ancestor worship in this small country. It is said that many of the Malawians seems as if they want to blend the African culture with Christianity.
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Malawi Displays the Power of the Gospel
Joseph and his team hosted a projector showing in a small village called Kasinje. When nightfall came, 250 to 300 people gathered to watch the My Hope program by means of a large projector. Upon close, one of the hosts courageously stood and shared about what the Lord has done in his life. Stepping out in faith, he then asked the crowd who wanted to turn their lives over to the Lord. Around 150 Malawians raised their hands and made decisions for the Lord that night.
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Change the course of eternity, one television at a time.

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Malawi Mobilized for Mission
Aleeny strongly sensed in her spirit someone urging her to be there. “You need to go, you need to go,” the voice said. “There will be something there for you.”

Aleeny quickly walked to the pastor’s house and was one of 18 people who crammed into the small living room to watch the telecast. She listened intently as Billy Graham preached about Jesus Christ’s death for the sins of the whole world. Aleeny wiped away tears as she for the first time considered the depth of God’s love for her. Aleeny received eternal forgiveness that night by surrendering her life to the Lord–as did 12 others.
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