Fires, Floods, Mudslides: Chaplains at the Ready

By   •   July 18, 2012

New Mexico’s “Little Bear” fire may finally be contained, but dangers are still lurking around the Ruidoso, N.M., area.

Mudslides and flooding are the latest worry, so much so that the Federal Government has paid $23 million — on top of the $43 million to fight both “Little Bear” and “Whitewater-Baldy Complex” fires — to help prevent a second tragedy from harming the people of New Mexico.

But regardless what natural disaster comes their way, the Rapid Response Team chaplains are ready to minister.

This past week, that included a couple, Matt and Cindy, who were living in their pickup truck.

Looking for help, the two were referred to a Samaritan’s Purse site and told to ask for a Billy Graham chaplain.

Both Matt and Cindy expressed hopelessness and frustrations and while they labeled themselves Christians, they only spoke of “a higher power” and “karma.”

The chaplains shared the Steps to Peace booklet with the couple and explained how they can know for sure that their eternal hope is in Christ.

Both Matt and Cindy — led by the Rapid Response chaplains — prayed to rededicate their heart and lives to Christ.

More Rapid Response Team Updates:

Fort Collins: Chaplains eating at a barbecue restaurant struck up a conversation with another customer, using Kansas City Bar-B-Q as an icebreaker (both were from K.C.).  Sitting at separate tables, the chaplains talked to the man as dinner rapped up and the conversation turned spiritual with the chaplains asking where he stood with the Lord. “Pretty good, my parents are Catholic,” he said. A short time later the 22-year-old asked to receive Christ into his life and the chaplains followed up by giving the young man a Billy Graham Training Center Bible and training materials. So far, more than 400 people around Fort Collins have been ministered to by 19 Chaplains.

New Mexico:  A homeowner came into Angus Church, where Samaritan’s Purse and the Rapid Response Team camp is set up, asking for groceries and water.  One of the chaplains initiated a spiritual conversation and the homeowner rededicated his life to the Lord.  A total of 27 chaplains have ministered with more than 500 people, with dozens making decisions for Christ.

Colorado Springs: A chance meeting between the chaplains and Officer Bill happened at a roadblock. After some small talk, the chaplains asked a few questions and realized Officer Bill’s son had died from an inoperable brain tumor in 1994. Bill explained what a legacy his son left in the two years of his illness. Bill also explained how he was forced to close a second-generation business in the downturn during the ’80s. The chaplains left Officer Bill with a prayer of assurance that God lifts up His children in times of loss. Ten chaplains have prayed with more than 450 people since July 1.

Moose Lake, Minn.: On the first day of deployment, chaplains stopped by and greeted the mother of a homeowner who was cleaning out her waterlogged basement.  After talking, praying for and hugging the woman, the chaplains noticed tears rushing down her face.  Later in the deployment the chaplains spotted the woman with her daughter in her yard and pulled the car over and struck up a conversation, leading to one chaplain asking the daughter if she had ever surrendered her life to Christ.  The daughter said no, but smiled and said she would like to and the chaplains walked her through Steps to Peace with God and a prayer of salvation. A total of 11 chaplains have prayed with more than 280 people in this flooding disaster. 

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