ER Nurse With COVID-19 Calls Billy Graham Prayer Line

By   •   December 28, 2020

Medical professionals around the world have experienced stress while treating COVID-19 patients, some with the possibility of contracting the virus themselves.

It began as a temporary way to help people get through the height of the pandemic. Now it’s a thriving 24-hour ministry that’s taken on a life of its own.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) Prayer Line has received more than 275,000 calls since mid-March. Here are five of the thousands of recent conversations that have taken place.

ER Nurse Scared to Die From COVID-19

Minerva* is an emergency room nurse who has been treating COVID-19 patients. She called the prayer line and shared that she had caught the virus. She said she was feeling weak, exhausted and deeply afraid that she would die.

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When the prayer line volunteer asked about Minerva’s relationship with God, she said she didn’t understand what it meant to be saved. The volunteer walked with her through the “Steps to Peace with God.” Minerva said she wanted to ask Jesus to save her, and she prayed over the phone for Him to do just that.

The volunteer gently explained that nobody knows when they’re going to die, but Minerva can know that she’ll be with Jesus forever in Heaven when it’s her time to go. She and the volunteer prayed for physical healing and for anxiety to be replaced with peace. By the end of the call, Minerva shared that her anxiety was easing up and she was beginning to feel better. She requested BGEA’s follow-up reading to help her grow in her new relationship with God.

In Tears After Another Morning Drink

Omar* saw a BGEA TV spot and called the prayer line in tears because he was drinking again that morning and hated that he couldn’t stop. When it came to his faith, he was relying on his good works and on being a generally decent person in order to win favor with God. Like so many who try to earn their way into Heaven, Omar felt the weight of his sin and the reality that he would never be “good enough” on his own.

The volunteer explained that a relationship with God is only possible because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross—not because of the good things people do. They talked through the “Steps to Peace with God,” and Omar prayed to ask Jesus Christ into his life.

That day, he decided to rely on Christ’s power for freedom on earth and eternal life in Heaven. Omar said he was looking forward to receiving his follow-up materials from BGEA.

Just Diagnosed With Cancer, Asking About Jesus

Jessica* called the prayer line in August and shared that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. She said she believed in God but had never invited Jesus to be her Savior. She wanted to know what that meant.

The volunteer who answered the call was happy to explain what it meant to receive Christ. After praying together, Jessica said she was going to start reading the New Testament of the Bible and ask her neighbors about going to church with them. She also pulled up while she was still on the phone so she could find some more ways to grow her faith right away. The volunteer prayed for Jessica’s healing and peace.

Widow Was Angry at God

Maria* shared that she had been angry with God for eight years—since the day her husband died—and had refused to go to church since then. In August, she watched Franklin Graham on TV and sensed God calling her back to Him. She called the prayer line to rededicate her life to Jesus.

Lonely Teen Asks for Prayer

A 13-year-old boy named Greg* called to say he was lonely and wanted prayer. When the volunteer gently asked about his relationship with Christ, Greg said he didn’t know if he had one. He agreed to hear more about how to ask Jesus into his life and prayed to do just that.

Afterward, he said he felt better and his heart was filled with joy. His aunt will help him get connected with her church and is giving him one of her Bibles. Greg said he’s looking forward to receiving follow-up resources to grow in his faith.

*Names changed for privacy.

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