Do You Really Know God?

By   •   September 17, 2010

John Munro says essentially, to know God, means to have a growing dynamic personal relationship with Him. Even within a Christian community, we can have a distorted view of Him. “We can construct a God in our own image rather than studying the Scriptures to learn about Him. God revealed Himself through these Scriptures so that we may know Him more intimately,” said Munro.

“We often have a small and inadequate view of God, content in our knowledge of and intimacy with Him. Even when we do have a living relationship, we need to pursue him more. For instance, when we get married, we don’t usually think, ‘well, I’m married now. I don’t need to get to know my husband or wife any better.’ Just like in a marriage relationship, we can very easily become stale in a relationship with God.”

At the Cove this weekend, Munro is challenging seminar participants to live a holy life in an unholy world, rely more fully on His power, and display His grace in all of their relationships. “If we have a relationship with God, how does it impact the way we live? When we know God more intimately, we become more familiar with His nature. Then, we have an increased passion for God, and our trust grows, because God is 100 percent reliable.”

Munro also explains that we can gain godly character traits, such as wisdom, as we spend more time with God and get to know Him more.

“Proverbs 9:10 tells us that ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.’ So, if I do know God, I should grow in wisdom, because God is infinitely wise. As we take on this godly wisdom, we should begin to make less and less foolish mistakes. But, we’ll always battle with ego, flesh, devil, and worldly forces drawing us away from God.”

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Ultimately, he says a life centered on Christ will increase our love and knowledge of God – and that love relationship will deepen with a desire to obey. “He tells us if we love Him we will keep His commands. The more secure we are in his love, the more we want to please, serve and worship him. That love has to grow, and a lot of us take God’s love for granted and enjoy only a small part of it. We need to start enjoying that love to the fullest.”

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  1. Naham Raj says:

    Jesus is the one in whom we have peace of mind,salvation and way to life.

  2. Sumayah Kigozi says:

    God still amazes me with His infinite love for me each day. The more I seek Him, the more I learn that yesterday was not good and today is better. He is patient with me and He is always saying something to me. I dont know what I would have been if I had not made a choice to follow Jesus. Blessed be His name.

  3. Sharon says:

    With God the impossible is made possible. With Him and His wonderful Son, Jesus Chirst, we can surely rise above this world and defeat evil. God promised He will never leave us, He will never abandon us. I find great comfort in that…..God bless.

  4. Alyna says:

    I really want to know God more.

  5. Kanawha1Kanobi says:

    Sometimes I wonder if my failures, and my utmost disappointment in myself when I do fail, isn't proof that I am indeed a Christian. I know that sounds silly or crazy but my desire to live a Christian life and to serve God becomes total disappointment in myself when I fail. And, it's then that the true reality of the saving grace of Christ becomes more visible to me; that when I fail Christ still loves me and still saves me even in my failures. Not that I fail knowing that I will be forgiven but I fail because I am one of the weakest human beings ever created. Then the reality of it all becomse clear: that apart from Christ I can do nothing; but with Christ, one day, I shall grow into what He wants me to be. I do love Him; and more than that, He loves me.