Disciples in the Making

By   •   July 31, 2009

This summer, some Christian camps are using the Dare to be a Daniel curriculum to teach campers how to share their faith with their friends. Dare to be a Daniel is an innovative evangelism training for tweens.

Camp Daniel, historically held at one location, has been where “Daniels,” students who have completed the program, have done deeper into the training or have tested new materials. To date, more than 13,000 students have been trained to share their faith through this program.

This year, under the name, “Dare to Be a Daniel Camp,” three camps are piloting the curriculum. So far, it is proving to be wildly successful.

This summer alone 300 Daniels have been trained. Camps are on target to have equipped 300 more by the end of the summer. Camp directors are excited about it. They have given positive feedback about the curriculum and the video elements and are getting tremendous student participation during the discussions.”

Chad Miller, Director of Dare to be a Daniel, has advice for camp directors who are interested in making disciples.

“Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send workers. We need workers,” Miller charges. “As a body, we are ‘conferenced’ and ‘conventioned’ to death. These are quality events, but the event starts and stops there. Dare to be a Daniel transcends the duration of the camp, because it is only complete when a kid reaches a friend for Christ. Then it goes beyond that, because these kids not only win people for Christ, but those they win for Christ are brought back to camp so they can be equipped to share. The Kingdom continues to expand.”

Interested in making disciples at your camp through this program? E-mail d2bd@bgea.org to get more details.