Decision America Tour Youth: ‘If No One’s Going to Stand for God, We Will’

By   •   June 2, 2016

students at Decision America Tour in Nebraska

Dear Friend,

Nearly 125,000 people have gathered to pray for our nation at the state-by-state Decision America Tour prayer rallies we have held so far, with 24 states still to go. I’m so thankful for each person, each family, each pastor, each church group who has come out to stand with us in prayer. Another 60,000 people have participated through live viewing links on the internet. People are deeply concerned that we are losing our country unless God intervenes.

At the rallies, we follow the biblical example of Nehemiah’s plea to God for his troubled nation (see Nehemiah 1:5–7), praying in repentance of the sins of our nation, the sins in our own family and family heritage, and our personal sins. We ask God to heal our land, and we pray for the leaders of our communities, our state, and our country.

At the Oklahoma City rally, a man named James said, “If people will continue praying in this way, these are not just one-day events.” He is exactly right—as God works in hearts, almost 67,000 people have joined active online prayer groups in their states, and to date more than 82,000 have pledged to pray faithfully for America and its future. These are not just numbers—these are real individuals all over the country who have committed to seek God in prayer for America and its future. More are making that commitment every day.

One of the most thrilling things about the Decision America Tour is that at every stop, God is changing lives for eternity. At each rally I take a few minutes to share the Gospel message, and in each state people are making decisions for Jesus Christ. I ask those who want to make that decision to text us—and thousands have done so. We get back to them for follow-up and offer helpful discipleship resources for their new walk. We marvel at how God works in hearts at each event and give Him all the glory.

We are seeing a lot of young people at every stop on the tour. At an Oklahoma City high school, students active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes decided to organize a bus trip to their state’s prayer rally. An 18-year-old named Sierra, along with her 17-year-old sister Tierra, said they wanted to show their classmates they can make a difference in America by praying and by being a Christ-like example in their words and actions.

“If no one’s going to stand for God, we will,” Sierra said.

Six of the students who came on that bus made decisions of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, as did scores of others at the rally.

We recently heard from a student named Molly who had come to one of our first rallies, New Hampshire. Molly wrote:

I’m a freshman in high school, and I’m 14. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways since I prayed at a Decision America Tour rally in January. I went there with some friends.

Franklin Graham spoke about what the world is coming to, and I thought about my own life and wanted to change a few things. I needed to change my attitude a lot. I was struggling and wanted to commit suicide.

I found out God really does love me, that He loves me so much that He would send His Son for me. I was able to give my burden to Him. I prayed to receive forgiveness and faith in Jesus Christ, then I got out my cellphone and texted to say that’s what I had done. I really haven’t ever prayed like that before.

I got follow-up emails from people who work with Franklin and was able to connect more. I kept thinking about things Franklin had said. After that I started attending a youth group, and I found a church home and a church family. I have been reading the Bible once or twice a day—before this I didn’t really read it.

Life has been so much easier since I let God take my burdens away. I can see that I’m now nicer to my friends and happier. I talked to my family and told them my feelings. They decided to do the same thing—my family has actually followed me to church. I have decided to be baptized. Before, I was never able to feel God’s presence. Now I feel Him anywhere I go.

We praise and thank God for stories like this that help us realize it’s not too late for America.

As I write, my son Will Graham has returned from the Northern Territory of Australia where he led an evangelistic Crusade. In June he will preach the Gospel at a series of evangelistic meetings in cities across Norway, and in July at a Crusade in one of the fastest-growing cities of Uganda.

Later in the year, shortly after our 50-state Decision America Tour concludes, I will go to Myanmar (formerly called Burma) for a Crusade in Yangon, that country’s largest city. Pray for us, and pray for the people in each of these places who need Jesus Christ.

The Decision America Tour travels next to Springfield, Illinois; Madison, Wisconsin; and St. Paul, Minnesota. Then during the last week of June we will be in Salem, Oregon, and Olympia, Washington, and on July 1 in Juneau, Alaska.

If you live in one of these states, I hope and pray you will join us at the capitol. Bring your family, your Bible study group, and your friends.

We see God doing a great work, and we still have almost half the states to go. We need your continued support through your prayers and gifts. Thank you for all you do in service to the Lord.

May God richly bless you,
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