Culture and the Church: Bridging the Gap

By   •   November 30, 2010

Jesse Fisher wants to reach out to a lost and dying world–a world that enveloped him until he had an encounter with Jesus Christ at the age of 19.

He recalls the season in his life when he submitted to God and began his trust relationship with Jesus Christ. He was headed to Texas to start life over. Having lived a life apart from Jesus Christ, he stopped and evaluated the difficulties that plagued him. This led to him to receive Christ.

“There were a lot of bad situations in my life, and I told the Lord I would do whatever it took to overcome them,” he recalls. “Then, He told me to do the very thing I wanted to do least: go back home.” Though the obedience was difficult, he says the most precious thing in his life is that relationship formed with Jesus Christ along those crossroads in his life.

His encounter with God during that season inspires him to help move our youth forward in their calling. “I want our younger generation to see opportunities to plug in. I have learned that so many kids turn away from God by their second year of college,” explained Fisher.

Bringing the Gospel to the Streets

A decade ago, Fisher began leading a small team of people to downtown Charlotte each Saturday night to minister to passers by on the streets. This ministry was called Uptown Ministry, which began as corporate prayer and worship, and later expanded to include evangelism.

“We’ve seen people get saved in varying numbers. These are powerful nights and I have seen great things happen. There are so many stories. The goal is to bring God’s presence into the middle of our city. There is a workload and a joy that comes upon completing the work before us and praying over what we are doing that night.”

Now, he is bringing that next level of love and comfort to people through media and the arts. He plans to launch AmericaXL, a Web-based magazine and media network that will be a two-way bridge between America’s arts and media culture and the church. The goal is to bridge the gap between American culture and the church so the lost may be reached and pulled into the Kingdom of God.

“The more abstract reaches a certain group of people; art is a bridge. It opens their hearts. Then it’s easier to speak into those hearts.”

Fisher is also bridging this gap through video. In 2008, he rallied the local churches in Charlotte to come together in prayer. A stirring performance piece called Declaration was captured on video and served as a charge to the church to take action. This video and another one he did, titled Healer, were used at the 2009 BGEA Rock the River events.

Joining Forces with BGEA

Earlier this year, he teamed up with BGEA to shoot another video called The Power of the Gospel.

Fisher says his involvement with BGEA stems from extended times of prayer. “I started praying and really pressing into heaven. I had been doing something called 2:20, which is a tithe of time: two hours and 20 minutes. The real concept behind it is that you’re not trying to count minutes, but be diligent in giving time to the Lord. He really started showing me some things during that time,” remembers Fisher.

That experience was the spark that ignited Fisher’s ministry through media – and his partnership with BGEA. “Knowing what BGEA has done, it was a real honor to serve and give back and sow into soil,” said Fisher.

His Hero of the Faith

He also considers it an honor to partner with the organization that bears the name of his biggest role model besides Jesus: Billy Graham.

“Billy Graham is literally my favorite father in the faith. He answered the call to evangelism and put together a solid team. I also admire his commitment to integrity–something we should focus on. We need to be mindful of how we are living out our days and standing above reproach,” he said. “Billy Graham is the one I’m modeling my life after, other than Jesus.”

Like his hero of the faith, Fisher wants to be faithful to the call God has placed on his life.

“This is so much bigger than I can even dream. Every step of the way I see another door open. It encourages me to see people feeling called to do something. I pray that they will stay constant and on the course no matter how hard it is. The Lord rewards faithfulness.”

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  1. Andrew says:

    Wow… they just played his 'healer' at church (Forest Hill) this past weekend and i've been googling and watching all of his videos and found this article. The kid is extremely talented and its great that we are blessed to have him here in Charlotte. Keep it up Jesse!!!