Countdown to Zambia: A School of Hope

By   •   November 29, 2011

Winding through trees and dirt roads, it is perhaps the last thing you would expect to find deep in the bush of Zambia.

But after traversing through acres of jungle-like terrain, with dust from the tire treads clouding your view, suddenly it appears.

Almost as if it’s straight from a movie set.

Welcome to Chengelo School, a one-of-a-kind place — not just because of it’s beautiful remote location in the Central Province, but also because of the people who embody its slogan: “As a witness to The Light.” 

Chengelo’s reputation attracts students from four neighboring countries and all over Zambia, including some corners that require a 12-hour drive to the elevated town of Mkushi.

This is where My Hope Zambia comes into play.

Back in May, Mpundu Mutala, the My Hope national coordinator, paid a visit to Chengelo, where all of his five children have attended.

He casted the My Hope vision to a combined assembly of both primary and secondary students, ages 5 to 18, about how they could become Matthew hosts and show the program to their friends or family on either live television or DVD.

Chengelo made training available for anyone wanting to be a part of of My Hope Zambia, which has more than 60,000 trained Matthews for the December 1, 2 and 3 broadcasts.

“The private school raised 50 Matthews,” an excited Mutala reported. “A lot of them have unsaved parents or relatives.”

As the school schedule worked out, Chengelo is on break this week, so each student will be hosting My Hope in their home towns.

“They will write a report and send it back to their teacher or headmaster and they will then compile the reports,” Mutala said. “(The My Hope reach) will extend very, very, very widely and go to many places.”

Chengelo was founded in 1988 by the Mkushi Christian Fellowship and has grown to about 370 students with 70 staff members from Zambia, Europe and other parts of the world but it is still small enough to retain a family atmosphere.

The spacious and well-kept campus includes several soccer fields, a rugby pitch, a 400-meter running track, basketball courts a swimming pool and a satellite for internet in the modern computer lab.

Early Harvest

Only God knows what the harvest will bring for this weekend’s My Hope, but fruit is already being seen.

During My Hope training at one school, 18 students received Christ into their lives. Another 27 committed their lives to the Lord at Healing Word Ministries after a message was preached from Matthew 9.

“Things are going to another level,” Mutala said. “The hand of the Lord has been very present.”

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