Continuing the Work of the Gospel in Thailand

By Richard Greene   •   December 21, 2009

Several million of Thailand’s 60-plus million population have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, with thousands of people praying to receive Jesus Christ as Savior as a result of the My Hope Television Project sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

That’s the wonderful word from the Rev. Yutthasak “Enoch” Sirikul, national coordinator for My Hope Thailand.

From Dec. 17 to 19, My Hope programs, which feature Christmas music sung by popular Thai artists, testimonies from well-known Christians in Thailand and a Gospel message by either Billy Graham or Franklin Graham, were shown in people’s homes and at other locations by DVD across the entire country, as well as aired over national television.

“From the reports I’ve read and heard, I think a least 20 percent of the population of our country heard the Gospel message,” Rev. Sirikul said. “One person praying to receive Jesus Christ as Savior would have been worth it all, but we thank God that there are now a couple of thousand new believers in the Kingdom of God as a result of My Hope Thailand.”

He added, “You must realize that Thailand is a Buddhist country, so for someone to pray to receive Jesus Christ and to start coming to church, this is a big commitment,” he added. “So we praise God for what He is doing!”

Pastors and church leaders taking part in the My Hope Television Project said they are convinced “this is God’s time for Thailand” and that God is “sending revival” to their country.

“I travel throughout Thailand and have met with every key leader in all 76 provinces, and they tell me that God is really moving and His power is being seen not just in a few places but all over our nation because of the power of the Gospel,” Rev. Sirikul said.

Though the primary thrust of My Hope Thailand was concentrated for three days in mid-December, the ministry will continue into the weeks ahead, as Thai Christians continue to use the programs to reach out to friends and family and tell them about how Jesus Christ is the one and true God and how He can change their life.

Rev. Sirikul said Thai Christians are motivated by the love of Jesus Christ and are mobilized by being trained in how to share their faith. “Though the official My Hope Thailand Television Project was held Dec. 17 to 19, Christians here are not at all finished,” he explained. “They’re still evangelizing. They’re going to continue building relationships with relatives and with friends and will keep reaching out to share the Gospel. People everywhere are praying to receive Christ!”

For the most part, My Hope programs are shown in people’s homes, hosted by believers called “Matthews.” That was certainly the case here in Thailand. But they weren’t limited by location. More than 40,000 Thai Christians were trained to host events. If they could not hold a My Hope Christmas party at their home, they used alternate locales, including showing programs at hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, Internet cafes and beauty salons.

Hundreds more came to faith during the actual three-day event. At the home of a local police officer and his wife, 10 of 15 non-Christians attending prayed to receive Christ on Saturday, Dec. 19. On Sunday evening, the Chon Daen Church joined four other churches from Petchaboon Province to host a major evangelistic outreach to the surrounding area. On foot, by motor scooter and in trucks, more than 1,000 people came. They were served a festive meal, then enjoyed numerous Christian songs and traditional Thai dances performed on a massive stage erected just for the Harvest Sunday event.

Then Pastor Rinnasak preached a stirring Gospel message and challenged people to come forward to pray to receive Christ. Joined by the Matthew hosts who invited them to attend, 91 people walked down front to give their hearts to the Savior.

Afterward, with tears welling in his eyes and his voice quivering with emotion, Pastor Rinnasak said: “I want to thank God because He really worked through the My Hope Television Project. Many Thai people were set free tonight from the spirit of deception they’ve been living under. I cry out to Jesus in praise for this opportunity to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”

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