“Cliff Barrows Tribute: A Singing Faith”

By   •   July 30, 2010

“Cliff Barrows Tribute: A Singing Faith” will provide Library visitors with a fascinating glimpse of one of Billy Graham’s closest friends and ministry partners. Barrows began his association with Billy Graham at a 1945 Youth for Christ rally in Western North Carolina. Only one other living person, Crusade soloist George Beverly Shea (now 101 years old) has served in ministry with Mr. Graham longer.

“God used amazing circumstances to bring them together. Not only was a dynamic ministry partnership formed, but a close friendship began that has now lasted over 60 years,” said Diane Wise, Promotions Manager for the Billy Graham Library. “I can’t wait for people to find out how he truly has – and does – impact lives through his music ministry.”

Barrows has been responsible for music at Billy Graham Crusades since their beginning in 1947. He has directed choirs all over the world, some numbering in the thousands. For his significant contributions to Gospel music, Mr. Barrows was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1988 and into the National Religious Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame in 1996.

Among the items at the Tribute, visitors can expect to see:

  • Barrows’ trombone, which he played at Youth for Christ meetings in the 1940s
  • His old microphone from broadcasts of The Hour of Decision, a radio program that began in 1950
  • A set of comic books that were given out at the youth meetings in 1951
  • Early campaign and Crusade songbooks
  • Albums, awards, photos and letters

“It has been such an honor to delve into Mr. Barrows’ background to find out what motivated him and gave him such a heart for evangelical music. It’s clear that his goal was, and is, to prepare hearts for worship and to hear what God is saying to them,” said Wise.

“He not only led the choirs and audiences in song; he taught them why they were even singing these songs in the first place. He is one of the most humble men you’ll ever meet, and my hope is that our visitors will get to know him a little better when they experience this special tribute.”

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  1. Frank says:

    Dear Cliff inspires and raises my spirits so much, not simply because he is a great motivator, which he is, but because he lives so closely to The Lord Jesus Christ and His love that Christ just pours out of his heart to everyone he touches.

  2. Raquel, Kenya says:

    Brother Cliff you are such an inspiration to the believers. Your singing career and walk of faith show consistency that is greatly admired and worthy emulating by many. Thanks so much for your support of Dr. Graham over the years, I watch a lot of classics here in Kenya. God's blessings in abundance, they that love the Lord shall bear fruit even in old age.

  3. Diane says:

    I loved watched the Cliff Barrows – A Singing Faith tribute – a favorite part was Dr. Graham, Mr. Shea and Mr. Barrows song – terrific. I had the opportunity to work for Challenge Films 1963-1973 in Melbourne, Australia distributing the films wherein contained the music of the Crusades. May God Bless You Real Good

  4. Stanley says:

    My wife and I will ever forget the eventful service we were able to share with Cliff Barrows, Bev Shea, and Billy Graham when we attended a Senior Adult Workshop at the Cove earlier this year. The moment was so unexpected. Even Cliff was suprised to see Dr. Graham be able to visit. But it was just heavenly. Our heats were so blessed to see these three great men of God together once again and to be in their company. Thanks Lord for the opportunity which I know millions of others would have liked to have expereinced. Our spirits were truly refreshed.

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you Cliff for the wonderful message you gave at the Fresno School of Evangelism in 2001. You spoke about the Axe Head that Floated during the ministry of Elisha. That message was a great encouragement to me in my ministry.

  6. Beau says:

    It was such an honor to sing with you during 4 crusades 2 in Ca and 2 in KC. What an inspiration, all of you on the team should be proud. The joy and peace you carried in your daily lives. You are a great example.Thank you

  7. Jim says:

    Thank you so much Cliff for having such special guests singing on the crusades such as Ethel Waters and Norma Zimmer. May God continue to bless you and the BGEA until he comes to take us all home for eternity.

  8. Bob says:

    Thank you Cliff for leading the music in 1956 in Louisville, KY. On the last night, last verse I came forward. Prior to then in my 18 years, no one had ever told me “that God loves you”. I gave my life to Jesus and have served Him in missions and still am.

  9. Innocent says:

    Pa Cliff Barrows' humility is outstanding. His loyalty is indescribable. I thank God for your life. God bless you sir.

  10. MARJORIE says:

    My mother put me on one of our church buses to Modesto, CA Crusade in about 1955. I wasn't really sure what was going on at 11 yrs. old, and it took me until I was 51 years old to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior. I was privileged to be a counselor in a BG Crusade in San Jose and Oakland, CA. I am now 65 and I have had the honor of following Billy Graham's life and ministry all those years.